How Apostroph takes care of the language for the “Migros child”

Migros is more than just a supermarket. Migros is a Swiss institution. And for many people it is literally the centre of their lives, even part of their identity. If you see yourself as a “Migros child”, you will recognise your favourite provider by the large M, the good range, but also by the language. Apostroph sets the tone – in all the national languages and outside opening hours – to keep it that way.

Our direct line to the language centre

Fresh produce requires swift action. This applies to fruit, vegetables and fish as well as to language services. That’s why Apostroph fishes Migros orders fresh from the Wordbee translation platform. This speeds up delivery times and allows users to work directly on the Migros translation memory. This means that the familiar Migros vocabulary remains constant and is delivered in the usual quality. A direct line to the Migros language centre to ensure that the linguistic aspects are on the shelves on time.

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«Even if it’s super urgent: we can always rely on Apostroph when it comes to style, speed and quality.»
Tatjana Balenieri · Head of Language Groups, Federation of Migros Cooperatives

Reliable partners since 2016

The fact that Apostroph speaks the Migros language is also down to the long-standing partnership. Apostroph has been translating and editing for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives since 2016. Our translators are very familiar with corporate language and language guidelines. So familiar, in fact, that they even speak with a Migros voice when you wake them – which can happen in the evening and at the weekend when they are on call.

We translate for future generations

Sustainable thinking has a long tradition at Migros. Even founder Gottlieb Duttweiler wanted his company not only to earn money, but also to serve the common good. With club schools, cultural activities and a tireless commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. This commitment has borne a name since 2012: Generation M. Apostroph is also committed to sustainability – by translating this new section of the Migros website into French and Italian.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Migros:

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