We have 100 native languages and know every language of our 5,000 customers

With our extensive repertoire of languages, we give you access to all key target markets. We translate, write texts, interpret, re-read and proofread in the four national languages, and have a command of “exotics” such as Yiddish, Uzbek and Flemish.

  • Only native-speaking linguists
  • Language professionals with specialist expertise and for various subjects
  • Multilingual project and account managers
  • Comprehensive services in over 100 languages
70 languages on offer

Linguistically speaking, we are at home all over the world

Apostroph’s experienced translators and copywriters know what kind of humour is appreciated by their country or region; they use the right metaphors and are familiar with the idioms. Equipped with a great feel for language, they always strike the right tone, whether you want your message to target teenagers in Argentina, parents in Norway or baby boomers in the US.

Apostroph’s language alphabet

The Apostroph ABC starts with Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian and Azerbaijani. There are dozens of other languages ranging from B to Y, including Chinese, English, French and German of course, but also Polish, the beautiful Romansh, Sanskrit, Tigrinya and Vietnamese. And under Z you will find, for example, the Bantu language of Zulu, used for communication by around 12 million people in southern Africa.

Unlimited offer: Apostroph Group

Support for our customers across all borders

In addition to classic translation and text assignments, we also support our clients in other areas: for example, we organise the interpreting of international conferences in Shanghai, and create multilingual glossaries and revise international agreements. Whatever language services you need, Apostroph can handle your projects in dozens of languages – however large or small.

Reasons why we impress in every language:

  • We work exclusively according to the “mother tongue” principle.
  • We employ language professionals as well as subject specialists.
  • We localise messages so that they are understood in the target region.
  • We are constantly expanding our knowledge of cultural and regional conditions.
  • We are well versed in terms of style and terminology.
  • We have the necessary feel for a wide range of target groups.
  • We help companies in all target markets to communicate successfully.

Frequently used language services

Any questions?

If the original is written in German, German is the source language. If this text is translated into French, French is the target language.

Express services are available at any time. We will discuss possible surcharges with you in advance.

The size of orders you send by e-mail depends on the limitations of your server. You can send data of up to 200 MB via our myAPOSTROPH customer portal.

Essentially, we accept all formats. Files that cannot be edited – including PDFs, for example – are converted. If you are unsure whether we can process your format, just ask us.

The scope, language combination, degree of difficulty and number of recurring text elements determine how long a language professional needs to complete a translation. To make a realistic suggestion, we analyse your text and then confirm a guaranteed delivery date. This approach has always worked and in the past has meant we are generally able to meet the desired deadlines. For particularly urgent texts, our express service is available around the clock, 365 days a year.

Technology savings can be achieved by using repetitions within a text from previous translations. This is made possible by translation memory technology, which memorises passages and terms and suggests them when appropriate. This reduces the translators’ time and effort without compromising on quality. We pass on the resulting savings to you in the form of a discount.

Achieving goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    We work with single points of contact. As a result, you will be looked after by a highly experienced contact person who takes your needs into account and keeps you up to date at all times.
  • We speak your language

    Depending on the project, we put together specific teams of internal and external experts who are well versed in your corporate language.
  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that man and machine are in harmony in an intelligent way.