Simultaneous interpreting – a high-performance profession

Interpreters who translate simultaneously have exceptional linguistic skills and are characterised by a high level of resilience. They are indispensable at international congresses as well as in discreet meetings between two heads of state. We would be happy to organise qualified simultaneous interpreters for you who excel at their job.

  • Internationally experienced simultaneous interpreters
  • Experts qualified for a wide range of assignments
  • Support from our in-house technical team for setting up events of all sizes

Different needs – different types of interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is divided into two types. Firstly, booth interpreting, which is used at international conferences, congresses and meetings with a large, multilingual audience. Secondly, whispered interpreting. This is particularly suitable if, for example, you are meeting with a business partner for confidential negotiations.

The interpreting is either provided in whispered form or by using a a portable simultaneous interpreting system  known as a bidule, which is equipped with multiple headphone ports and is suitable for meetings of up to 20 participants. The device is simply delivered by courier, and you don’t need interpreter booths or technicians. Remote interpreting is another option; this is carried out via an online platform. We would be happy to advise you on the best type of simultaneous interpreting for your specific case.

Simultaneous interpreting for challenging events

High quality – physically demanding

Simultaneous interpreting typically involves conveying the message in the target language at almost the same time as the speaker is speaking. During this process, the brain is running at full speed, so a break is necessary every thirty minutes. In addition to language and technical qualifications, stress resistance is therefore essential.

Usually, two interpreters sit in the same booth so that they can take turns. This also requires knowledgeable handling of the technical systems in order to ensure a smooth transition. As Apostroph not only provides you with highly experienced simultaneous interpreters but also takes care of the technical set-up, if necessary, you can confidently look forward to your multilingual event.

For particularly demanding industries: simultaneous interpreting with specialist expertise

Apostroph Switzerland has been a top provider of interpreting services for decades. That’s why we are also used by companies that require language professionals with specialist knowledge, for example in finance or medicine. Apostroph supports you with qualified simultaneous interpreting professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and the appropriate technical vocabulary.

Full service from interpreting to PR translation

There are events that require more than one type of interpreting. For example, imagine you are organising a conference followed by a tour of your plant. You have invited interested parties from Japan, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Three simultaneous interpreters will be available for your presentations. On the tour of the company, the attendees are split into groups according to their language. These are accompanied by consecutive interpreters, who will translate everything your specialists say with a slight delay.

Finally, you give your guests some documentation to take away with them, including a written summary of the conference. As a full language service provider, we also translate all your documents, meaning we can organise the language requirements of your entire event, from the soundproof booth and technical equipment to the translation of your PowerPoint presentation.

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Do you have any questions or are you interested in working with us?

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Luise Mugrauer
Head of Language Production
Simultaneous interpreting: references

Our strongest arguments are our references

Other companies which have deployed our interpreters can be found under References.

The advantages of our simultaneous interpreting services at a glance:

  • Only professionals with a completed degree or recognised diploma in interpreting
  • Use of native speakers without exception
  • Specialist expertise in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, finance and insurance, law and technology
  • Assignments for Swiss and international companies and organisations
  • Linguistic brilliance
  • High resistance to stress and above-average concentration skills of the interpreters
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Technical support

Any questions?

The appropriate type of interpreting depends on the nature of the event, the number of participants and the time frame available. We would be happy to determine which type is suitable for your project.

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Simultaneous interpreting is the verbal transmission of what is said into another language by specially trained interpreters and in real time. Simultaneous interpreting is essential, for example, at congresses with a large, international audience.

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As the term suggests, this form of interpreting can be found at events such as symposia or conferences. Depending on the circumstances, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting may be used. In both cases, technical equipment such as an interpreter booth and headphones are necessary.

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In whispered interpreting, the professional interpreter sits right next to the person and whispers the content into that person’s ear. This is the case, for example, at a discreet meeting between two heads of state.

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Consecutive interpreting is the non-simultaneous spoken translation of one language into another by a specially trained interpreter. Consecutive interpreting is used, for example, in interviews.

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Other language services

Achieving goals together

  • Personal support

    Your personal supervisor will listen to your needs and help you organise your multilingual event.
  • Linguistic competence for your event

    We have interpreters who are competent, reliable and discreet for conferences, meetings, negotiations, interviews and company tours, but also for particularly sensitive meetings.
  • Fruitful cooperation

    We work in partnership with our customers, uphold values such as reliability and fairness, and place high demands on ourselves.