Your strengths are our strength: jobs at Apostroph

Our offices are located in the heart of vibrant cities, and we work for renowned companies to bring the world of languages to life. Apostroph is always on the lookout for talented new team members from junior to senior. Are you a linguistic talent, a sales or marketing professional, do you have experience in project management, software development or purchasing? Take your pick: part-time, job sharing, working from home or remote working. We’re flexible. And you?

  • Exciting jobs for every career level
  • Attractive opportunities for professional development
  • Centrally located offices in vibrant cities
  • Attractive team and team-building events
Your strengths are our strength: jobs at Apostroph
Apostroph Jobs Charlotte Nigg
«My job as a key account manager is challenging, but it keeps me mentally fit.»
Charlotte Nigg · Senior key account manager with a passion for Latin American dance

“I joined R. Lüthi Übersetzungen AG in 1994, at a time when people were still working with fax machines. We have been part of Apostroph Group since 2013 and I look forward to being an active member of this big family every day. My strengths lie in maintaining customer contacts and providing advice. The exciting thing about this is that every customer has different needs and wishes, which I am of course happy to cater to. When it comes to language technologies, I’m assisted by our very own, highly experienced techies. My job as a key account manager is challenging, but it keeps me mentally fit.”

Apostroph Jobs Luzia Barmettler
«My customers are demanding, but that’s exactly what appeals to me.»
Luzia Barmettler · Head of Operations at Apostroph Lucerne, with a passion for dancing to salsa rhythms

“I started out as a project manager and now I’m Head of Operations at Apostroph Lucerne. My desk tends to be a magnet for complex projects, some of which take years. My customers are demanding, but that’s exactly what appeals to me. In addition, I communicate with freelancers, and have plenty to plan, organise and monitor. I also coach and supervise the members of the project team at Apostroph headquarters. Even though things get turbulent at times, we remain cool and friendly.”

«I started as an intern at Apostroph and now I’m a Head of Operations at Apostroph Bern.»
Silvana Camenisch · Head of Operations Apostroph Bern and Mark Twain fan

“After completing my master’s degree in general linguistics at the University of Bern, I started as an intern at Apostroph Bern. Today, I am a senior project manager and plan and coordinate challenging projects in all language combinations, ranging from Tigrinya and Swedish to Romansh, my mother tongue. An important part of my work includes the supervision and coordination of translations of annual reports for listed companies and the language management of hundreds of individual websites for large industrial enterprises and life science companies. I also regularly ‘enrich’ the team with interesting, historical and amusing facts about exotic and almost extinct languages.”

What makes us an attractive employer and you happy

We are a dynamic and modern company that scores highly with impressive working conditions. We offer flexible working hours, encourage your initiative and offer you space for your professional development. Fair pay, a well-equipped working environment and training courses to prepare you for an inspiring and challenging job at Apostroph are also part of the package. The only thing you won’t find with us is boredom.

How to apply to Apostroph

Did one of our job advertisements appeal to you? Then send us your application to the contact mentioned in the advertisement. You can also send us an unsolicited application with details of the position you are looking for by e-mailing

The application process at Apostroph is generally as follows: we will conduct two to four interviews and give you an assessment task. You will receive feedback from us on how you completed the task and we will give you the opportunity to ask questions. As we work with confidential customer data, you will be asked to send us an electronic extract of your criminal record after the initial interview. You can obtain it from your municipality of residence.

This is a completely normal procedure in our industry and should not discourage you from contacting us.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Three letters that say a lot about Apostroph: ESG

We consider our work with people from a wide range of countries and cultures to be very valuable. This background contributes to Apostroph’s social commitment to an environment worth living in and a good working climate. As a result of this approach, the global consultancy ERM awarded us the prestigious ESG label for sustainability, social issues and corporate governance.

To the topic of social responsibility

Achieving goals together

  • We cater to your needs

    At Apostroph, we offer first-class working conditions with state-of-the-art tools. We are flexible, fair and give you the space you need to develop professionally.
  • Get ahead with us

    We offer exciting jobs for every career level, interesting further training courses, and give you the opportunity to contribute your ideas.
  • The Apostroph community

    Bring your talent to bear and become part of Apostroph Group. Enriching team spirit awaits you at our centrally located translation offices.