Interpreting – an art in itself

Translation errors can have fatal consequences. Our qualified interpreters have a perfect command of two or more languages, are experts in a wide range of fields, have nerves of steel and are focused. If you want to avoid any misunderstandings at events or during discussions, contact Apostroph’s “Interpreting” department.

Interpreting by Apostroph Group
Interpreters for all occasions

Our interpreters are equipped for all assignments

At a conference with speakers from all over the world, you need a different form of interpreting than if you want to communicate in multiple languages during an online meeting. Whatever the situation, Apostroph puts the best in their field at your side.

Choose between:

  • Simultaneous interpreting (with booth)
  • Simultaneous whispered interpreting
  • Consecutive/negotiation interpreting
  • Remote interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting – a fine art

This form is considered the most demanding. In addition to outstanding linguistic skills, simultaneous interpreting also demands nerves of steel and a high degree of concentration, as the interpreter reformulates the message into the target language in real time. Apostroph is your first port of call for large-scale booth interpreting events as well as meetings where discreet whispered interpreting is required.

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Remote interpreting – multilingual remote support

Remote intercultural interpreting is possible by telephone or via various Internet-based platforms. Whichever way you use this form of live interpreting, you save costs and are more flexible. If you are planning a meeting or event with remote interpreters, please contact us. You can even use the good old telephone!

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Interpreting and consecutive interpreting of events

Consecutive interpreting – for smaller discussions

Consecutive interpreting is particularly suitable for smaller contexts and negotiations. The advantage is that the oral translation into the target language is time-delayed. This allows our language professionals to follow up with the speaker and then elaborate on the content. This option inevitably requires more time than a conversation with simultaneous interpreting.

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From booth to bidule

Most forms of interpreting require specific equipment. In the soundproof booth, the interpreting professionals work with a simultaneous interpreting system and are assisted by a specially trained technician. Remote interpreting via software requires not only a powerful laptop, but also a professional headset and a completely secure Internet connection.

Whispered interpreting, on the other hand, uses a portable simultaneous interpreting system known as a bidule. Our interpreters are not only articulate, they are also experienced in using various equipment. Apostroph also has the necessary technical power to help you set up your system or platform.

Confidentiality is the law at Apostroph

Maintaining confidentiality is one of our key concerns. We handle information and data with the utmost care, work with SSL encryption and only use Swiss servers. With ISO 27001 certification, we guarantee maximum information security at all levels.

Interpreters are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Apostroph has also entered into additional agreements with all the professionals it works with.

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Written translations – so what is said remains

We not only provide simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting, but we can translate your speech, PowerPoint presentation or company portrait as well. This allows you to give an interested audience something in written form after a meeting or congress. Apostroph provides you with an expert point of contact who coordinates your interpreting and translation needs and ensures a consistently high standard of quality.

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Achieving goals together

  • Personal support

    Your personal supervisor will listen to your needs and help you organise your multilingual event.
  • Linguistic competence for your event

    We have interpreters who are competent, reliable and discreet for conferences, meetings, negotiations, interviews and company tours, but also for particularly sensitive meetings.
  • Fruitful cooperation

    We work in partnership with our customers, uphold values such as reliability and fairness, and place high demands on ourselves.