The Helvetia annual report: well insured in five languages

Helvetia Insurance is an international company with more than 7 million customers, some 3,700 employees in Switzerland and more than 11,500 employees worldwide. In order to address its diverse stakeholders, Helvetia publishes its company brochure in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, and the financial report in German and English. We have been providing the relevant translations for many years – along with technology solutions and interpreting services.

A core team ensures successful corporate reporting

The Helvetia annual report is a comprehensive and complex product which complies with IFRS accounting standards. Among other things, it contains the company brochure, the financial report with annual financial statements and the letter to the shareholders. To ensure a perfect translation, we put together a team of dedicated translators and proofreaders who have been working together on this recurring translation project over the past few years.

«The annual report project is highly complex and its timing is always tight. Thanks to the interface connection to Apostroph and the tremendous commitment of the team, the process runs smoothly. I count on this reliable and trusting cooperation.»
Alessandra Albisetti Szalay · Investor Relations Coordinator, Helvetia
Translations for Helvetia

Quality assurance with the right tools and interfaces

In addition to the experience and expertise of our team, the technology also contributes to the success of this challenging project: an electronic glossary (MultiTerm) was created for Helvetia, and the translators work with a translation memory, thus guaranteeing consistent wording. Translations are managed via the ns.publish interface, which further optimises the workflow.

Work performed:

  • Premium translation including comparative proofreading DE-EN, DE-FR, DE-IT and DE-ES
  • Various follow-up translations in all languages
  • Proofreading in English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Two-day final reading on site in English, French, Italian and Spanish

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Simply be sure: interpreting the final reading

Timing is always tight, but thanks to the customer’s detailed schedule, translations can be planned and the team can be reserved in advance. This also makes it possible to manage follow-up translations.

Once the report has been completed, it is time for the final readings. These are interpreted into Italian, French, English and Spanish. Usually on site – even remotely during a crisis. We take care of the set-up.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for Helvetia:

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