Well insured in all languages: Atupri relies on Apostroph

Atupri is a health insurance provider with some 260 employees who work for insureds throughout Switzerland. That’s why Atupri is committed to multilingualism and has been relying on Apostroph for the past four years. We translate customer magazines, website texts, app texts, annual reports – and much more! We also provide training for Atupri employees.

Fit in French communication: Apostroph trains Atupri’s staff

It is important to Atupri to communicate consistently and in a way that is appropriate for the target group. This is why we hold training courses for new Atupri employees once or twice a year in French correspondence. The training enables them to learn the company’s own correspondence standards and gain confidence in writing emails, using fixed text blocks, etc. In addition, we regularly proofread and re-read French correspondence and provide feedback. This is how Atupri’s employees master French communication!

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Atupri kochbuch

Creativity included: Atupri’s cook book impresses in German and French

During the coronavirus pandemic, Atupri employees compiled their favourite recipes for working from home. The result is an Atupri cook book. To ensure that the recipes and their cultural characteristics come across in both French and German, we not only translated them, but also transcreated them. Now, the cook book brings inspiration and variety to the employees’ kitchens.

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We know what “health” is all about: specialist translations for Atupri

We translate a wide range of texts for Atupri, such as newsletters and editorial content. Our translators not only bring their accuracy and linguistic expertise to the table, but also their specialist knowledge. If an article is about health tips and a good night’s sleep, our translators know exactly how to translate articles in a way that is appropriate for the target group in order to reach the right audience.

We have also translated parts of the Atupri website, including data protection texts and various FAQs. This means that customers can find the information they need. The same is true for the Atupri Medgate app. Here, policyholders can arrange a digital visit to the doctor, check symptoms and gain an overview of their treatment options. In their own language thanks to Apostroph!

An overview of the services provided to Atupri by Apostroph:

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