Remote interpreting – efficient online interpreting

The historic challenges of the pandemic have fuelled digitalisation and made remote interpreting a rising star in the industry. Our customers communicate live with their distant business partners via the Internet in dozens of languages.

Large-scale events can be carried out in front of a global audience thanks to remote interpreting technology. This opens up a whole new reach for companies. If you are looking for high-quality interpreters and also want to be sure of the technology, then Apostroph is your contact.

  • Tech-savvy remote interpreters with professional equipment
  • The right professionals for every job – whether in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, law, finance and insurance, or for government agencies and offices
  • Apostroph’s technical team provides support and advice during the technical set-up

Remote interpreting is the first choice in many places

Apostroph continues to offer traditional interpreting services, but remote interpreting (RI) – also known as distance interpreting in technical jargon – is becoming increasingly important. Among other things, the pandemic has contributed to this as a result of more people working from home and the growing number of online meetings.

RI facilitates multilingual communication across borders, is extremely flexible and entails lower costs. All you need for a remote meeting is a stable and secure Internet connection, a smartphone or a computer, and a professional software platform that is suitable for this purpose. And, of course, absolute professionals who move eloquently between the source and target languages. Apostroph provides you with the right language professionals as well as the technical expertise.

Remote interpreting for meetings

A selection of our areas of work with remote interpreting:

  • Major events (with dozens of language combinations)
  • Meetings of Supervisory Boards
  • Virtual conferences
  • Presentations and meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Meetings and discussions

Pharmaceuticals, technology or another area of expertise?

Our customers know that we only work with experienced and qualified interpreters who exclusively interpret into their mother tongue. We also employ specialists who have the appropriate know-how in law, medicine or other sectors and are well versed in terminology. With the information and documents, you have compiled, our interpreters can prepare themselves for your remote event and impress listeners with their eloquence and expertise.

We ensure the best connections

In recent years, platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, Slack and Skype have really taken off. However, not all programs are suitable for distance interpreting. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which tool is recommended for which form of use.

To make life easier for you, we also take care of the setting, including planning and setting up the platform. If you leave these preparations to Apostroph, your remote meeting will be connected in any language.

Remote interpreting is easy on the budget

As the interpreters do not have to be physically present on site, you will save costs. This eliminates the need for travel, hotel and catering for the language professionals, as well as the need for rental and installation of technical interpreting systems and external rooms. Finally, distance interpreting is easier to organise and thus increases flexibility. Whether simultaneous, consecutive or remote, the high quality of our interpreters is always guaranteed.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in working with us?

I would be happy to answer your questions or introduce you to Apostroph Group and our services in a personal meeting.
Luise Mugrauer
Head of Language Production
Remote interpreting: references

Our strongest arguments are our references

Other companies which have deployed our interpreters can be found under References.

From interpreting to translating PowerPoint presentations

Translations are often necessary even if you are communicating with your business partners or suppliers over the Internet. This applies to charts and PowerPoint presentations, for example. In addition to interpreting and technical support, Apostroph also offers a full range of language services. For example, we can transcribe your online event or translate your presentation and negotiated contracts into the desired target languages.

Find out more about translations and transcription

The advantages of our remote interpreting services at a glance:

  • Only technically experienced professionals with a completed degree or recognised diploma in interpreting
  • Use of native speakers without exception
  • Specialist expertise in medicine and pharmaceuticals, finance and insurance, law and technology
  • Assignments for international and Swiss companies, organisations and authorities
  • Numerous language combinations
  • Interpreters possess above-average concentration skills and are resistant to stress
  • Reliable advice, set-up and technical support for hybrid formats, too
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Flexibility and reliability

Any questions?

The appropriate type of interpreting depends on the nature of the event, the number of participants and the time frame available. We would be happy to determine which type is suitable for your project.

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Simultaneous interpreting is the verbal transmission of what is said into another language by specially trained interpreters and in real time. Simultaneous interpreting is essential, for example, at congresses with a large, international audience.

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As the term suggests, this form of interpreting can be found at events such as symposia or conferences. Depending on the circumstances, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting may be used. In both cases, technical equipment such as an interpreter booth and headphones are necessary.

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In whispered interpreting, the professional interpreter sits right next to the person and whispers the content into that person’s ear. This is the case, for example, at a discreet meeting between two heads of state.

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Consecutive interpreting is the non-simultaneous spoken translation of one language into another by a specially trained interpreter. Consecutive interpreting is used, for example, in interviews.

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Other language services

Achieving goals together

  • Personal support

    Your personal supervisor will listen to your needs and help you organise your multilingual event.
  • Linguistic competence for your event

    We have interpreters who are competent, reliable and discreet for conferences, meetings, negotiations, interviews and company tours, but also for particularly sensitive meetings.
  • Fruitful cooperation

    We work in partnership with our customers, uphold values such as reliability and fairness, and place high demands on ourselves.