When it comes to texts you can really sink your teeth into, Bigler Fleischwaren relies on Apostroph

Fine meat and salad specialities in the best Swiss quality – that’s what Bigler AG has represented for four generations. The value-conscious family enterprise also relies on top quality for linguistic requirements. Apostroph Group has been the exclusive supplier of translations and choice linguistic cuts of all kinds for over 15 years. Fresh in the chiller cabinet: a new website that will whet your appetite for more online.

New website for Bigler AG

Apostroph Group was involved in the relaunch of the Bigler AG website in 2016. The retro-look online presence is now on a new footing in terms of technology: a content management system makes it much easier to manage the changing assortment and adapt it to the specialities of the season. In the best Swiss way of course, in three languages: German, French and Italian. All translations are by Apostroph – from product range and GTCs to the company’s commitment to the environment and animal welfare. The translation process is efficiently integrated into the content management system in the very best Apostroph quality.

Flexibility and quality from a single source

«In today’s fast-moving world, it is not always possible to plan everything in advance ... but Apostroph remains flexible – without sacrificing quality. Whether for a factual product description or an important information letter, the impossible is always made possible. Many thanks to the Apostroph team.»
Vittorio Ranaldo · Head of Marketing and Communications, Bigler AG

Reliable partners during a pandemic

Special times require special measures. This also applies to the coronavirus pandemic, when strict hygiene and protective measures became the top priority. Apostroph assisted Bigler as a reliable, competent partner when it came to the swift translation of important information, for example about mandatory masks, into Portuguese, Italian and French. Bigler was thus able to keep production and sales safe, even in difficult times.

The importance of supplier qualifications

Quality does not come by chance. This applies to translations as much as it does to food. You can only offer perfect products if you know your suppliers. In the food industry, this is ensured by “supplier qualifications”. They define a binding code of conduct, demand certificates and formulate quality requirements. In advance – so you don’t later have any regrets. Apostroph provided Bigler with supplier qualifications in three languages: French, English and Italian.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Bigler AG:

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