BAUHAUS has been relying on Apostroph’s translations for years

In 2006, BAUHAUS, the specialist for workshop, home and garden, opened its first specialist centre in Switzerland. We have been working as a translation agency for the company since 2013. Every year, the projects include 14 advertising supplements and themed brochures as well as web translations and the transcreation of claims. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation, we know BAUHAUS from its foundation to the roof and know exactly what the customer expects from us.

At BAUHAUS, less is more

Most of the company’s messages are very brief and space is tight. This poses a challenge for the Apostroph translation team, as texts in other languages are often longer. In addition, each particular message is intended for various target groups, ranging from do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen to gardening enthusiasts and families. The aim here is to find a tone that appeals to everyone.

Our activities include:

  • Advertising supplements and themed brochures translated into French by our native-speaking professional translators
  • Comparative proofreading
  • Transcreation of slogans and advertising claims
  • Localisation for French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino
  • Translation of website texts
  • Translations and comparative proofreading for further marketing activities


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Translations for BAUHAUS Mario Hähni
«We greatly value the expertise of the Apostroph ‹language workshop›. Our team of regular translators always hits the nail on the head by adapting texts to suit the target audience. The translation management systems are also great and make language management easier for us.»
Mario Hähni · Head of Advertising/Communication, BAUHAUS

Ensuring the product names are correct in all languages

In addition to language services, such as comparative proofreading for French-speaking Switzerland, localisation and web translations, BAUHAUS also takes advantage of CAT tools such as Trados. Thanks to a translation memory and terminology database, recurring text elements are easily integrated into the translation and article names are always translated in the same way. This is indispensable for a company with more than 160,000 products and also minimises costs.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for BAUHAUS:

  • Texts translated with expert knowledge for industry and commerce

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  • Skilfully translated advertising and PR texts

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  • Target-group-oriented localisation and optimisation thanks to CMS interfaces

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  • Creative translations that are even better than the original

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