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In 1943, IKEA was still selling nylons and matches. The first furniture followed in 1947. And the Swedish company has been furnishing the world with Billy, Pax, Ivar & Co. ever since. The demand for multilingual communication is just as high. Our services for IKEA include translation, transcreation, comparative proofreading, interpreting and localisation. We sometimes even work directly with the furniture store’s agencies.

Übersetzungen für IKEA

Increasing efficiency – the Swedish way

Our assignments are as varied as the IKEA range. For example, we translate marketing brochures, apps, buying aids, posters, promotions, posts and event announcements. The catalogue was part of our work for a long time, but its final chapter was written in 2020. Due to tight deadlines, we work directly with the IKEA agencies. This enables an optimum workflow and increases efficiency. For larger projects, we are able to plan better and rely on well-established processes and functioning interfaces.

Demand for care and creativity – in addition to language skills

When we translate brochure texts for IKEA, we also ensure consistency between the languages and check that the product information and prices are correct during comparative proofreading. IKEA's creative headlines are a completely different task. Here, we call on the help of our native-speaker transcreation specialists. They ensure that the wordplay brings a smile to the readers of the translation too.

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The language of IKEA – spoken in all languages

At IKEA, corporate language is clearly regulated. For example, there is a style guide that serves as a kind of user manual for our translation professionals. In addition, a glossary and translation memory ensure standardisation of the language. And because IKEA attaches great importance to equality, gender-inclusive texts are a must.

Sustainable translations

Sustainability plays an important role at the furniture company. We translate numerous texts on the topic of sustainability, helping to raise awareness among the company’s customers of a more conscious approach to nature and its raw materials. This is a matter of great importance to Apostroph Switzerland too.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for IKEA:

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