Jet Aviation’s mission for our crew: 600 pages in 14 days

Established in 1967, Jet Aviation is a leading business aviation service provider, with some 50 locations and 4,000 employees worldwide. The order to translate extensive corporate pitch documents in record time was a challenge for Apostroph Switzerland. But with creativity and commitment, we made the impossible possible.

Maschinelle Übersetzung für Jet Aviation

When our language professionals and our apoAI take off

In order to translate the 600 pages within the extremely tight 14-day delivery deadline, both our external translation teams and our in-house linguists had to fly night shifts throughout. Because a translation of this kind with many technical terms from aviation was tough. Apostroph’s solution was to combine human translation and our translation engine apoAI with post-editing in compliance with ISO 18587. With this mix, we were able to make a precision landing in terms of both quality and deadlines.

«For this large-scale task, Apostroph recommended a mixture of human and machine translation with post-editing. A compelling solution because we not only received the translations on time, we were also very satisfied with the quality.»
Lauren Steventon · Marketing & Communications Specialist, Jet Aviation

Our translation professionals have the right technical terms in their luggage

Along with the special contract, Jet Aviation also entrusted us with other tasks such as tender documents and construction plans. The specialist expertise was key here, too, because aviation has its own terminology.

Large-scale, urgent, demanding or all three? Apostroph is ready for take-off

Do you too have a large project coming up that needs special expertise? Or do you require translations within a short time? We would be happy to get into the cockpit for you and pull out all the stops to ensure that your order arrives at its destination in first-class quality and at the right time.

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