Apostroph put Arval’s language management on a new course for success

Arval is the Swiss market leader for full-service leasing and fleet management. In the wake of market expansion, a comprehensive solution was required across the entire field of multilingualism. At the beginning of 2021, the company started a partnership with Apostroph Switzerland and commissioned us with the realignment of its entire language management system. Find out here how we support the subsidiary of the major bank BNP Paribas.

Translations for Arval (Switzerland) AG

Close cooperation for an individual solution

Together with Arval, our key account management team analysed the needs of the company. Our language engineers then developed an individual concept on this basis. On the one hand, it includes a multilingual glossary and a terminology database that Arval and our translation team can access either online or via myAPOSTROPH. On the other, translation memories were implemented that store individual passages as language combinations so that they can be automatically retrieved during later translations. The new language management makes handling easier for Arval and increases the efficiency of our language professionals while maintaining the high level of quality.

«Whatever the linguistic challenges we face at Arval, Apostroph supports us at all times with its flexible and tailored services. With the creation of a glossary, for example, Apostroph enabled us to produce consistent, multilingual corporate wording.»
Karin Dahinden · Marketing & Communication Manager, Arval (Switzerland) AG
Translations for Arval (Switzerland) AG

A core team works for Arval in our translation garage

Arval and Apostroph have something in common: both offer full service in their field. That’s why Apostroph provides the fleet management company with everything from a single source. Our services range from the translation of web and app texts, marketing brochures, social media posts and press releases to HR documents and legal documentation. In addition, we are responsible for special areas such as localisation and transcreation. All texts are translated by a core team that is familiar with the company’s range of products and also knows a lot about electromobility.

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Always raring to go: the online translator from Apostroph

The company also uses our online translator via myAPOSTROPH. Thanks to the integration of apoAI in the customer portal, Arval employees have access to machine translation 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for Arval:

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