For Rhaetian Railway: translations always on schedule

Every year, Rhaetian Railway offers around 12 million passengers an experience-packed journey through the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Thanks to the partnership with Apostroph, the required translations are always available on time. Apostroph has been Rhaetian Railway’s translation partner since 2013 and also advises the company on translation process optimisation.

Optimal connection thanks to APOSTROPH Connectors

Thanks to APOSTROPH Connectors, Rhaetian Railway’s “network” now leads directly to our translators. Apostroph translated the Rhaetian Railway website into English and Italian back in 2015 in order to make its fascinating offer accessible to a wider audience. Afterwards, blog posts translated into English were also to be published on a regular basis.

The translation process has been optimised thanks to our consulting services: today, Rhaetian Railway employees can begin the translation process directly in the Typo3 CMS. Thanks to APOConnectors, connections to Apostroph are easy and efficient, eliminating the time-consuming “copy-paste” process and minimising sources of error. That’s how translation runs on schedule!

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«I love working with Apostroph. Because I can rely 100% on the translations being done on time. They are also very flexible, even when things are urgent. Thanks to the dedicated translators, specific words are always translated the same way, which I really appreciate. Apostroph is a truly reliable partner!»
Tanja Thaler · Communications Specialist, Rhaetian Railway

Rhaetian Railway highlights: multilingual, thanks to Apostroph

The company's passengers are very important to Rhaetian Railway. This is why it publishes the high-quality magazine “Contura” every year, with information about offers and stories about Graubünden and Rhaetian Railway. Every year, we provide a premium translation to ensure that Rhaetian Railway’s English-speaking passengers enjoy the experience.

There is also the Bernina Express brochure. It is available at all stations and informs passengers from all over the world about the network, the timetable and the many sights to be seen along the way. Thanks to Apostroph, passengers can look forward to an edition in their own language (Korean, Chinese, Thai, Polish, Czech, Italian, English and French).

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Rhaetian Railway:

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