When it comes to translations, AGVS lets Apostroph take the wheel

Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz (AGVS) is the industry and professional association of Swiss car dealers. It supports and promotes its members and young talent. Since 2004, our professionals have been rolling up their sleeves, grabbing their language toolbox and translating, proofreading, correcting and localising for the association. A long-standing collaboration with not a sign of rust.

Translations with insider knowledge for the trade magazine AUTOINSIDE

The monthly trade publication is the most important in the industry. Our language professionals have been translating the articles for years – primarily from German into French. They have a good grasp of specialist terminology and know exactly which style is required. Since the production plan – which is drawn up for the entire year – includes translations, comparative proofreading and re-reading, we are able to complete every article in no time at all.

We’re at home in French-speaking Switzerland

Well-coordinated core teams are important for such projects. At least one person in our translation team is based in French-speaking Switzerland, ensuring not only linguistic details but also localisation and thus credibility.

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«It just works – that’s how we at AGVS / UPSA and AGVS media see our collaboration with Apostroph. Fast, smooth and with a lot of passion. Thank you, Apostroph!»
Serina Danz · Communication & Media, AGVS

Efficiency thanks to re-reading directly in the editorial system

The Trados Studio CAT tool and the extensive translation memory help us translate important headlines and slogans consistently. In addition, the industry’s vocabulary is stored in a terminology database. And in the final spurt, the re-reading department corrects errors directly in the Woodwing editorial system.   

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Switching on the turbo for the AGVS newsroom

In the AGVS newsroom, the association provides all the latest news from the industry. Speed is of the essence here as nobody’s interested in yesterday’s news. That’s why we deliver our high-quality French and Italian translations within 24 hours or even faster if required.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz:

  • German, French and Italian translations
  • Comparative proofreading
  • Proofreading directly in the editorial system
  • Localisation

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