Mobility has enjoyed a successful partnership with Apostroph since 2010

With more than 3,000 vehicles at more than 1,500 locations, the car sharing company pursues a forward-looking form of mobility. Apostroph has been translating everything from website texts and app content to legal documents since 2010. Since we have known the cooperative for a long time, our core translation teams always know exactly where the journey will take us.

Well received: our website translations for French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland

By translating the website into French, Italian and English (UK), we helped establish Mobility beyond German-speaking Switzerland. We carried out SEO research for the keywords to ensure that the search engines rank the website high in both French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. We are also able to support the Google Ads campaign with SEA.

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Digitally and electronically up to date

For a car sharing company, location queries and booking on a smartphone are essential. In 2017, Apostroph translated the newly launched app. Since then, we have continuously made adjustments – for example when functions are expanded. Videos are another important information tool. We translated the short film “Mobility goes electric” directly into the storyboard. The challenge for our translation team was to adapt the content appropriately within the respective time slots.

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«Thanks to the translations provided by Apostroph, we can be sure that our marketing and PR messages will reach people in French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland.»
Patrick Eigenmann · Mobility’s Communications Officer

The best location for specialist translations: Apostroph

As a full language service provider, we work for the car sharing company across the board. Our translation services range from articles for the “Mobility Neo” magazine and the annual report to newsletters, press releases, campaign texts, internal documents and legal texts. And finally, our proofreading and re-reading services ensure that every detail in the foreign language is spot on.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for Mobility:

  • Website translation
  • Digital marketing translations
  • SEO
  • Proofreading & re-reading
  • Annual reports
  • Legal translations

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