Apostroph provides the linguistic fuel for CNG Mobility

The trilingual website cng-mobility.ch provides information about compressed natural gas (CNG) as an attractive and sensible alternative to petrol, diesel and electric mobility. CNG enables more environmentally friendly and at the same time more economical driving – based on 100% biogas, it can even be practically CO2-neutral. Through our translations and localisation, we ensure that the association’s concerns are understood throughout Switzerland. What is particularly gratifying about this assignment is the good working climate of the partnership.

News for French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland

On the website cng-mobility.ch, the regional companies of the Swiss gas sector provide information about filling stations, vehicles and everything to do with more climate-friendly mobility. We have been translating the web portal texts from German into French and Italian since 2019. Our language professionals always put their pedal to the metal in order to meet the short delivery times.

«Apostroph is exceptionally reliable and adapted all our terminology in no time at all. They also put their foot on the gas. As promoters of CNG Mobility, we naturally appreciate that.»
Pascal Lenzin · National Coordinator for Natural Gas & Biogas Mobility

The terminology database: so everyone talks about the same thing

We defined the terms in close cooperation with the corporate customer and added them to a terminology database. In combination with a translation memory, these tools are an important source of information for technically correct and standardised translations. In addition, the system enables a more efficient approach, keeping costs low. Whenever there are adaptations to individual web texts, our linguists immediately recognise what needs to be translated and what already exists.

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Target-group-oriented localisation for CNG Mobility 

In addition to translations and comparative proofreading, Apostroph Switzerland is also responsible for localisation. That’s why we only work with native-speaking translation professionals who are based in French- or Italian-speaking Switzerland and are familiar with the peculiarities of their compatriots. This form of Swissness is essential if the texts are to be well received throughout Switzerland.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for CNG Mobility:

  • Specialist translations in German, French and Italian
  • Comparative proofreading
  • Website translations
  • Localisation

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