CSW relies on Apostroph for legally watertight translations

Consular Service Worldwide GmbH is a specialist for certifications and visas. From its offices in the heart of Bern’s embassy district, CSW supports its clients in legal matters. If, for example, a Swiss company wants to expand abroad, CSW organises the necessary stamps and certifications. CSW relies on notarially certified translations from Apostroph to ensure that legal finesse is also available, for example, in Arabic and Chinese.

What does success mean in Arabic?

Apostroph has translated articles of association from English into Arabic for a CSW client from the pharmaceutical industry. We checked the translations with comparative proofreading and had them notarised. This enables Apostroph to guarantee legally sound text quality – indispensable security for international firms, avoiding legal pitfalls and concentrating on what is essential: their business success. And in case you were wondering, in Arabic, “success” means نجاح (pronounced: naya).

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Specialist translation of commercial register excerpts

Acting as a trustworthy business partner is especially important when it comes to international business. An extract from the commercial register documents whether a company is also registered in its home country in accordance with the regulations. Apostroph has translated and notarised a number of such extracts for various CSW B2B clients, e.g. from German into English or Portuguese. Linguistically exemplary and legally binding – Apostroph also makes companies linguistically fit for the global market.

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Consular language service for CSW

Apostroph translates and proofreads a large number of other texts for CSW. This includes certified translations for embassies abroad as well as employees’ personal documents. Our experts translate permits, copies of passports and certificates into the world’s official languages. In addition to the languages already mentioned, these are primarily English, Spanish and French.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Consular Service Worldwide GmbH:

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