Legal translations for Swiss Post Ltd

Swiss Post Ltd is a group with around 60,000 employees and four strategic companies. A company of this size has to protect itself legally from all angles. Swiss Post’s language service has been working closely with Apostroph since 2018. Our main task is to provide high-quality legal translations.

Legally watertight in French, Italian and English

For Swiss Post’s extensive legal texts, we use native-speaking translation tandems that have the required expertise, are comfortable with the specialist vocabulary and phrase texts extremely precisely. For areas such as Compliance, Governance and Legal, they translate contracts, business and general terms and conditions, data protection provisions, regulations, fact sheets and media releases. Swiss Post Ltd also uses our comparative proofreading service.

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transcription and subtitling

Precise subtitles that meet high standards

Our language professionals draw on extensive experience and use professional equipment in their subtitling work. Swiss Post relies on our experts to produce perfectly precise and concise subtitles in SRT format for their internal and external communications – from training videos to social media clips. Transcripts in German, French, Italian and English are the basis for those subtitles.

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Post CH Ltd
«The language services unit of SWISS POST relies on Apostroph Group as an expert partner that is closely integrated into our processes for the translation of legal texts. We find its model of a lawyer/translator tandem absolutely convincing. A compelling collaboration!»
Carolin Walter · Head of Language Services, Swiss Post Ltd

Apostroph and Swiss Post Ltd – a connection that works on all levels

Data is exchanged with Swiss Post Ltd via the XTM translation management system. When translating assignments, our specialist translators are directly connected to Swiss Post’s terminology database and translation memory. This allows our language professionals to work more efficiently and means they are in constant contact with Swiss Post.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for Swiss Post Ltd:

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