Geneva – Swiss, cross-border, international

As the city where more international organisations are based than anywhere else in the world and the main international cooperation hub in terms of number of institutions, meetings and congresses, Geneva knows how much language matters. That’s why the City of Geneva entrusts Apostroph to manage its translations.

Ville De Genève

Geneva, where people communicate in all the global languages...

City of refuge and international exchange, Geneva has entrusted Apostroph with translations in 16 languages since 2016, including some “rare” ones.

  • All our translations are done by native speakers – German, Italian, English, Spanish, as well as Arabic, Russian, Albanian, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian
  • A regular transcreation service for the City’s communication needs: actus, newsletters, social networks
  • Digital communication, redesign and translation of the City’s website
  • Always at the cutting edge of innovation: we manage all file formats (MS Word, xml, html), process the contents directly in the customer’s CMS to publish multilingual content simultaneously, and respond to the City of Geneva’s specific requirements through the efficiency of our computer-aided translation tools

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Ville De Genève
«I have had the pleasure of working with Apostroph on a number of occasions. They are always highly efficient and provide a fast service.»
Veasna Pheng · Administrative assistant, General Secretariat of the City of Geneva

Geneva and Apostroph: gateway to the world

Geneva communicates in many global languages to consolidate its role as a world city. Apostroph does not just provide Geneva with high-quality translation and localisation services, it also gives valuable technical support by processing complex files and maintaining a dedicated translation memory to ensure quality and terminological cohesion, quick turnaround times and contained costs.

An overview of the services provided to the City of Geneva by Apostroph:

  • Translations into 16 languages, several of which are “rare”
  • Communication support (paper, digital, website redesign)
  • Web content localisation
  • Desktop publishing

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