Editing texts for the cantonal ALN with expertise in biology

The Office for Landscape and Nature (ALN) takes care of both sustainable land use and nature conservation within the Canton of Zurich. Apostroph was commissioned to draft the editorial texts for the website relaunch. What was special about this assignment was the direct contact between those responsible at ALN and our copywriter. A highly pleasing collaboration with a highly pleasing result.

Texten fürs kantonale Amt für Landschaft und Natur

Specialist content about Zurich’s land

It took around a year to complete work on the website relaunch. Apostroph’s task: all text editing as well as assistance with the structural set-up. The aim was to prepare the content on forests, nature and soil conservation, land, agriculture, hunting and fishing and render it in a contemporary form in terms of language. Furthermore, the texts had to be embedded in a modern layout. All this was done while taking into account the language guidelines, the corporate design and accessibility.

Apostroph edited the texts for the web relaunch of the Office for Landscape and Nature.
«Apostroph was very definitely a stroke of luck for us. The copywriter had in-depth expertise, did extensive research and managed to come up with exactly what we were looking for. We particularly appreciated the direct collaboration and we are really pleased with the result.»
Melanie Kohler · PMO Project Lead

A different kind of collaboration

The copywriter’s work began with a visit to the cantonal office, where the common IT infrastructure was set up. Since everyone used the same tool, the copywriter was able to enter the content directly into the CMS and communicate directly with those responsible at the Office for Landscape and Nature. The result: fast, flexible and focused collaboration.

A copywriter that knows about woods, fields and meadows

Our copywriter was the perfect person for the job. Not only could he draw on decades of experience as a copywriter, but he also holds a degree in biology and trained as a web developer. This resulted in the perfect combination of expertise, language skills and technical know-how, contributing significantly to the high level of customer satisfaction.

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