We make the health magazine from Mecaso available in multiple languages

Mecaso develops communication strategies for medical companies and supports media in the healthcare sector. One of their flagships is the “myHEALTH” magazine, which is available in all APO-ONE pharmacies and at all SBB stations in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. Apostroph translates the various articles into French and Italian. In addition to a feeling for linguistic subtleties, a certain amount of specialist knowledge is also required.

Of frogs and languages

Illustrations play an important role in “myHEALTH”, which is published four times a year. It is often a challenge for our translation professionals to make images and text match. For example, in English a frog goes wonderfully well with the topic of hoarseness. The people of French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland think of all sorts of things when they see a frog, but not a frog in their throat. Another hurdle is the type area, as the translations cannot be longer than the original German text. As Mecaso is familiar with this problem, the agency gives our linguists more freedom in terms of linguistic implementation.

The articles in “myHEALTH” require precision and feeling

Health issues are tricky. Apostroph’s customers include a number of medical and pharmaceutical companies, which is why we have professionals with the requisite expertise. They are proficient in terminology in the source and target languages and have a sensitive feel for language, which is key to articles on health and lifestyle.

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Things are going very well with Mecaso

Apostroph is flexible and adapts to the customer’s individual working methods. With Mecaso, we work in stages, which means that we receive the magazine texts in several partial deliveries. This approach suits us because it gives us more time to translate. As our language professionals receive Word documents with clear character specifications, they can get straight to work. And to ensure that the magazine is perfect from start to finish, we re-read all texts in layout and mark any errors in a PDF.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for Mecaso:

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