Fit in the health sector: Careum relies on Apostroph

Careum offers a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities for the health professionals of tomorrow. To enable them to learn optimally, Careum provides them with teaching aids in various languages. And that’s exactly where Apostroph comes in: for almost 15 years, we have been translating both comprehensive training material and shorter texts, e.g. for the website, for Careum.

Well looked after: large-scale projects on the FABE and FAGE teaching aids

Careum offers the training courses “Caregiving Professional (FABE)” and “Healthcare Practitioner (FAGE)”. The associated teaching aids comprise several booklets and a total of several hundred pages. Apostroph ensures large-scale projects of this kind also run smoothly by deploying a senior project manager and permanent lead translators.

The “FABE” teaching aid was re-read in English, French and Italian. Thanks to us, the “FAGE” teaching aid is also a success in all languages. We completed translation and proofreading within a short period of time. The future health professionals can now learn in their mother tongue – and multilingual learners can also receive advanced training.

«We have been working with Apostroph for more than ten years. We require large-volume translations into the national Swiss languages as well as English. The company is a reliable and well-organised translation partner. We particularly appreciate the fact that the same people are responsible for the projects long term as well as the adherence to deadlines.»
Martina Binder · Project Manager, Careum Publishing

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Careum:

  • Specialist translations
  • Proofreading & re-reading
  • Desktop publishing
  • Translations of teaching aids

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