Apostroph juggles bilingualism for Groupe Gassmann

Founded in 1780 as a print shop, Groupe Gassmann today owns the “Bieler Tagblatt”, “Le Journal du Jura”, TeleBielingue and Radio Canal3. In 2010, the media company found the ideal partner for localised translations from German into French and vice versa: Apostroph.

Media companies such as Groupe Gassmann rely on linguistic finesse

People living in German- and French-speaking Switzerland differ not only in their language, but also in their way of life. That’s why Apostroph employs native-speaking translators who are familiar with the characteristics of the region. And because the printed word has been cultivated at Gassmann since 1780, the company uses our transcreation experts to translate slogans and our proofreading and re-reading services to give texts e finishing touches for printing approval.

«Apostroph has been an extremely reliable partner to us for many years. Our translations are always completed promptly – with the highest quality and top service. Thank you for that.»
Manuela Rufer · Head of Marketing, Groupe Gassmann

Apostroph works for the media company in the following areas:

  • German and French marketing translations
  • Comparative proofreading
  • Proofreading and re-reading
  • Localisation for French- and German-speaking Switzerland
  • Transcreation of advertising claims

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What we have in common: Swiss multilingualism

Groupe Gassmann and Apostroph Group have more in common than just the “Group” in the name of the company. Both companies work with language, both are rooted in multilingualism and both have high standards in terms of quality. This is one of the reasons why we and the media company have got on so well since 2010. Both in German and in French.

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