For galledia we also work as real estate professionals

galledia is a national media group with over 300 employees and publishes two regional newspapers as well as a wide range of specialist publications. Since 2019, Apostroph has been translating the company’s annual report as well as articles published by Switzerland’s leading real estate magazine.

The perfect mix: translation, proofreading, re-reading

The publication “Immobilien Business” is published ten times a year and is not only visually a glossy publication, it also features impressive content. In cooperation with the editors-in-chief of galledia, our French language professionals translate the articles, demonstrating a great deal of expertise and a good sense of the tonality. Then the articles pass through our proofreading department and, finally, the re-reading department, which sets off with an eagle’s eye on the hunt for any last mistakes.

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«Apostroph’s linguistic competence, professional support and absolute reliability are compelling. To put it in a nutshell: the cooperation with the translation agency works wonderfully.»
Birgitt Wüest · Editor-in-Chief, Galledia Fachmedien AG

Language professionals with experience – so that specialist texts are what they claim to be

The galledia real estate magazine also focuses on interfaces with the real estate market, such as economic and financial trends as well as ecological developments. This places greater demands on terminology and background knowledge. Thanks to their wealth of experience, our language professionals are able to master multiple terrains, ensuring a uniform linguistic style and working more efficiently.

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Apostroph translates exactly how business is done

Our linguists translate the texts of the galledia annual report into French with high precision and linguistic dexterity. This is followed by comparative proofreading in accordance with ISO 17001 to ensure that the content is complete and consistent. In addition to its linguistic competence, Apostroph also stands out for its project management, which demonstrates flexibility and organisational skills and ensures that reports are delivered on time.

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