How Apostroph interprets the stars for Swiss Deluxe Hotels

From Ascona to Geneva, from Gstaad to Zermatt – anyone looking for the best hotels in the region will quickly find themselves at “Swiss Deluxe Hotels”. This seal of quality brings together an exclusive group of Swiss five-star hotels that share a common goal: to pamper their guests from all over the world with first-class hotels and service. This includes fine Michelin-starred cuisine, excellent service and first-class language – proofread and translated by Apostroph.

A luxury to read: the “H” magazine

True luxury can often be seen in small things. A fresh flower on the table. An attentive hand holding the door open. A quiet moment in your favourite place. Preferably with inspiring reading material such as “H”, the Swiss Deluxe Hotels magazine. It resembles the elegant establishments themselves: noble and chic, casual and luxurious. The topics: lifestyle and indulgence. The flair: creative and cosmopolitan. The conversation language: English. Swiss Deluxe Hotels places its trust in Apostroph to ensure that its exclusive facilities are also linguistically compelling. We proofread and translate the topics into English – from interesting interviews and great wines to a tasty gourmet tour. And we check every comma because we know: it’s the little things that count.

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«Translating emotion into language is the skill of communication. This is how you can touch people with words. If this is perceived in our luxury hotels as part of a wonderful holiday experience, it can continue to have a positive effect for a long time to come. Apostroph is the ideal partner for this.»
Evelyn Gorgos · Head of Corporate Communications & Media Relations, Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Acquiring new partners with Apostroph

To attract the stars of the Swiss hotel industry, Swiss Deluxe Hotels specifically targets renowned establishments. For example, with exclusive events such as “Partner’s Day”. To mark the occasion, Apostroph ensured that the advantages of the partner programme were linguistically compelling. As a result, Swiss Deluxe Hotels was able to give a good presentation – not least thanks to Apostroph’s superb translations of PowerPoints.

A newsletter whets the appetite for more

“Surprise with luxury” – a luxurious surprise is never wrong when giving a gift. For example, with a voucher for a luxury hotel. To ensure the surprises appeal linguistically too, Apostroph translated the voucher concept for the Swiss Deluxe Hotels newsletter. We also serve textual appetizers, such as our delicious breakfast menu with organic granola muesli and fresh fruit.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Swiss Deluxe Hotels:

  • Luxury translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Proofreading & re-reading

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