Better safe than sorry: CM Informatik commissions translations of technical texts by Apostroph

CM Informatik (CMI) is an IT specialist which, as the market leader in public administration, has more than 700 towns and communities, around 17 cantonal administrations and over 800 schools in its customer database. In order to provide customers in French-speaking Switzerland with the relevant information, we have been translating technical texts for CMI since 2017. We recently implemented a major project of around 400 pages. In just under two weeks...

“Connectée” with French-speaking Switzerland: Apostroph provides technical translations

In order for CMI to be able to support customers in French-speaking Switzerland with software solutions too, we translate a project of almost 400 pages every two to three years: We just recently received the 700 xliff files exported to us by CMI, checked the import and translated the texts. The project was completed in just under two weeks. Such projects succeed because we use an online terminology glossary that stores relevant terms.

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Translations for CM Informatik
«Even large-scale projects, such as the localisation of our software solution, run smoothly thanks to professional language management. With Apostroph, we can be sure that linguistic consistency is always guaranteed. The Apostroph team is also highly reliable when it comes to technical texts where every last detail counts.»
Noemi Inauen · Junior Project Manager, CM Informatik

Always the right term thanks to precise language management

Consistent terminology is important. That’s why CMI also makes use of our MultiTerm, a glossary of key terms and their translations. This ensures that the correct expressions are always used, making the translation not only consistent but also effective and saving the customer time-consuming queries. If desired, we send the glossary to CMI and they can then independently add terms.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for CM Informatik:

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