Specialist technical translations for VKF: Apostroph passes all the tests

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF) issues the fire protection regulations that are valid throughout Switzerland. Since 2010, Apostroph has taken care of translations for the federal fire protection examinations in Ticino. With the content changing every year, it is essential for translators to have a broad understanding of the Swiss fire protection regulations.

Technische Übersetzungen für VKF

Out of the frying pan into the fire: not for VKF thanks to precise translations from Apostroph

Since 2010, Apostroph has been translating examination texts, guidelines and regulations as well as the solution grid into Swiss Italian. And to provide ultra-accurate texts, a team of native speakers ensures the highest level of precision and the exact use of technical terms. Comparative proofreading and localisation for Ticino are further features of the safety net.

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Technical Translations for VKF
«The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF) depends on an external translation service for translations into Italian. In terms of training projects, VKF has been working with Apostroph for some time now. The agreed deadlines are always met. The professional translators are familiar with the specific technical terms. We are absolutely satisfied with this precise service!»
Rolf Weber · Quality Management and Staff Certification Officer, VKF

Firing on all cylinders with a translation memory and terminology database

To make the process as simple as possible for VKF, our language professionals work with Trados Studio. An integrated translation memory and a terminology database optimise the translation process and ensure standardised terminology and consistent language.

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An overview of the services provided to VKF by Apostroph:

  • Technical translations
  • Comparative proofreading
  • Localisation

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