Working hand in hand to deliver an impeccable linguistic service

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a neutral humanitarian institution that protects and supports victims of armed conflict and other violent situations. It also works to promote respect for international humanitarian law as well as its integration into national legislation.

Diversified needs, a dedicated team

Since 2019, Apostroph has been delivering an extensive range of language services to the in-house language services at ICRC:

  • Translation and revision of documents in French and English
  • Editing of English content
  • Working on diverse subjects: eLearning, training, human resources, case studies, internal communications, press releases, reports, web articles, publications
  • Providing support in translation tool optimisation
  • Close and consistent linguistic partnership covering technical aspects and good practice
  • Perfect knowledge and scrupulous respect for in-house linguistic and stylistic standards

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A partnership based on proximity and confidence

A close working relationship has developed between Apostroph and the in-house translation team at ICRC since 2019, and our qualified linguists now work like an extension of the customer’s teams that they support on an ongoing basis.

This partnership enables us to meet the quality requirements of an institution of international standing in real time.

«At Apostroph, our language work is managed by a team in tune with our needs. A veritable partnership has evolved since we started working together, so we are guaranteed close collaboration and excellent knowledge of our content and terminology. We appreciate that.»
Jean-Charles Chamois · Head of Language and Publications Unit, ICRC

An overview of the services provided to the ICRC by Apostroph:

  • Translations
  • Proofreading/quality review
  • Texts: humanitarian, marketing, legal, HR, finance
  • Processing of various file types, including MS Word, eLearning tool

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