Sika relies on Apostroph
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Sika is leading the way on sealants, adhesives, waterproofing, structural strengthening and protection within the construction and automotive sectors, delivering solutions for dams, building shells, railways and more. Quality, innovation and sustainability are key to Sika’s success – and those values need to shine through in the company’s corporate identity too. And that’s why Sika decided to turn to the language professionals at Apostroph Group.

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Consolidating corporate identity

Language is one of the key components of corporate identity. It communicates a company’s values across all channels, shaping the brand image and boosting brand recognition along the way. That’s exactly why the Corporate Communications Team at Sika commissioned Apostroph to conduct a language analysis.

«We know that effective and consistent communication is key to our success – within our internal teams and in our interactions with customers, partners and other stakeholders. We’re so grateful to Apostroph for all their hard work.»
Dominik Slappnig · Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Laying the foundations with language analysis

Our language professionals analysed Sika’s annual report and a selection of the company’s magazine articles in English and German. They studied these materials at length to determine whether or not Sika’s values, core message and tone of voice were being conveyed effectively. They also wanted to make sure that all stakeholders were being addressed since it’s so important that content is written for the relevant target readers. What did the Sika Corporate Communications Team get out of this? A valuable external perspective and in-depth insights.

Providing everyday support with a style guide

Our language professionals used their findings during the language analysis to produce an English style guide. This was filled with examples of the corporate language. Staff at Sika can now refer to the style guide whenever they’re creating content. The major benefits to Sika? Clear guidance and consistent results.

Guaranteeing consistency with a glossary

Apostroph extracted terminology as a follow-up project. Key terms and expressions were picked out of existing documents and collated to create a glossary. This was another win for consistency! And that’s something that Apostroph keeps front of mind when working on translation and proofreading projects for Sika too.

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Sika:

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