We translate Geberit’s quality promises into up to 20 languages

For Geberit – the European leader in the field of sanitary products represented in 50 countries worldwide – consistent quality is an integral part of its corporate strategy. To ensure that communication works across all language barriers, the Group puts its trust in Apostroph’s translation expertise. The recipe for success for our long-standing partnership is simple: both Geberit and Apostroph deal in quality.

Apostroph strikes the right tone – with customers, specialist dealers and staff alike

The company based in Rapperswil-Jona communicates extensively and thus appeals to a wide range of different target groups in over 20 languages. This has an impact on the translation spectrum, which ranges from marketing texts, press releases and product information to the employee magazine, which we translate into English, French, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Ukrainian. As our native-speaking linguists have a feel for different target groups, Geberit can always rely on high-quality and perfectly localised multilingual communication.

International success on the screen: the Geberit corporate film

Geberit’s corporate film is a creative firework display that won a silver medal in Cannes in 2020. It is aimed at several target groups at the same time and simultaneously conveys a lot of information in rapid succession. To translate and subtitle these ultra-short statements into seven languages – including Chinese – Apostroph called on some of the best transcreation professionals. The result is something worth watching. Lights off, roll the film!

We put the annual report in the spotlight in every language

Geberit has already won many awards with its annual reports. Among other things, the company is regularly awarded one of the top spots in the annual report ratings published by the renowned Harbour Club. Apostroph commissions a core team of expert native-speaking translators well versed in corporate reporting to take care of the translations. They adhere to the IFRS guidelines, the terminology and the corporate language, and their stylistic confidence ensures that the prestigious Geberit document finds recognition worldwide.

Find out more about translating annual reports

Some of the services Apostroph provides for Geberit:

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