Rendezvous with Myriam Cavegn

The full-blooded linguist

Once upon a time there was a text that no one wanted to read. How can that kind of text become effective and achieve its communication goal? How do words find their way into the perfect translation? Myriam Cavegn has answers to all these questions. She heads up the language team at Apostroph, is head of texts as it were. Official title: Head of Language Officers & Copywriting. DNA: full-blooded linguist.

Apostroph Head of Language Officers & Copywriting Myriam Cavegn

After studying translation, Myriam, from Solothurn, joined Bern-based Global Translations (now Apostroph Group). She worked as a translator and editor, trained in leadership at the Bern University of Applied Sciences and soon became head of the internal translation team. Has the full-blooded linguist now turned into a cool-headed manager? Definitely not. “I proofread and write articles, online content, press releases and the like.” The articles she writes focus on how to write well and effectively.

A typical working day? There is no such thing for Myriam Cavegn. And she’s pleased about that. “My working day basically evolves during the day. I love the variation of working in total concentration on a text and the lively interaction with my colleagues at our Swiss Apostroph sites.” She sees the team culture as a genuine strength. It’s all about bringing specific skills and competencies together: professional skills as a language service provider in all disciplines and the ability to use state-of-the-art technology. “We pull together – and that’s how we achieve quality for our customers.”

Good, better, perfect. The last of the three items listed is exactly what Myriam Cavegn is looking for. She defines measures based on customer feedback, communicates them to the project managers and translation teams, and ensures that inaccuracies and errors are not repeated. Put simply, she monitors text quality, is the first port of call for all language-related questions and provides support in the development of client-specific “style guides” and corporate language briefs.

Myriam completes seven sentences …

The fact that people in Switzerland speak four languages…

is ultra valuable, a genuine privilege! I would really like us to put more emphasis on the multilingualism of our country, for example with school exchange projects.

Gender-sensitive language is

important, shows respect and appreciation of every individual, and should be the norm today.

A language I would love to learn is

Romansh! I come from Graubünden, have a typical Graubünden name, but, to my shame, I don't speak Romansh yet.

The most beautiful dialect in Switzerland is …

naturally, the dialect spoken in Graubünden. I also love the way people speak in Bern. And when I hear German as it is spoken in the Valais region, I feel at home because I was born in Brig and spent the first years of my life there.

Apostroph as an employer …

opens up opportunities to get involved. We learn from each other, support each other. My experience is that Apostroph promotes employee development while demanding top performance. I like that: it helps me to develop professionally and personally.

Three words you would use to sum up your free time …

Sport, sport and sport. Before the pandemic, I would compete in triathlons. And I have twice completed the Ironman Zurich. The training for it was really hard and time-consuming. Today, I take things a little easier. Mountain biking, hiking and cross-country skiing are other activities I engage in to just switch off – best of all in the Swiss mountains.

I feel really good in the office when ...

I get the chance to talk to my colleagues about topics totally unrelated to work. You just don’t have that when you are working at home.


You want to know what a text needs for it to be read? Here are five valuable tips on how to polish texts from Myriam Cavegn. On the way to Corporate Language, the language manager advises clients on how to create effective language and also gender guidelines.

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