Rendezvous with Romy Brand

The world was in a coronavirus-induced state of emergency. Romy Brand, Key Account Manager at Apostroph, left her office in Lucerne’s old town on 18 March to start working from home with immediate effect. Not being one to shock easily, she effortlessly slipped from one modus operandi to another, keeping in touch with her clients by phone and via video/telephone conferencing. There’s no doubt that digital communications work, but they’re only a stopgap solution, she says: “Personal face-to-face contact remains very important for me since it helps me get a better feel for the situation and thus decide how best to support my clients in order for them to achieve their goals.”

Apostroph team Romy Brand

Asked what a typical working day for her looks like, Romy Brand smiles:

“Typical working day? What’s that?” Her days are as varied as the needs and expectations of her clients. And for her, variety is the spice of life. You can see also that in her CV: following a commercial apprenticeship with a vocational baccalaureate at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), she spent a year working at the Swiss Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo. 

She then went on to study business administration at Bern University of Applied Sciences and Linnaeus University in Sweden, graduating in 2019 with no fewer than two bachelor's degrees. Her specialisation in International Sales and Marketing focused on business-to-business operations: “I like being able to apply this expertise to my work at Apostroph.”

What about her affinity for languages?

Since childhood, she has been fascinated by hearing people communicate in foreign languages. Growing up in the Bernese Seeland municipality of Aarberg, the linguistic divide – and hence the French language – were not far away. She now speaks German, English, French and Swedish and can get by in Spanish and Albanian. From extended stays and trips abroad she knows: “If you truly immerse yourself in a foreign language, you get to know a lot about the culture and identity. It’s the differences that are so interesting. They teach you that we can learn a lot from each other.”

Romy Brand is a passionate dancer. She’s in a show group for oriental dance, loves salsa, bachata and kizomba, and dances Latin and standard dance. Moreover she dances through the cultures, too – travelling, learning languages, in her circle of friends, or in her role as an advisor to the Togolese aid organisation Association Humanitaire Sans Frontières.

For someone as enterprising and sociable as Romy Brand, working from home as well as staying home are no walk in the park. She’s never bored, but: “I’ll be glad when I’m free to do what I want again.” Until then, she’s working on her choreographies and her Spanish. She’s already looking forward to the day when she’ll be able to return to her desk at the Lucerne office in Töpferstrasse.

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