Rendezvous with Arben Sabani

Moving between the language worlds

He is active in the IT world. Arben Sabani (39) is a real linguistic expert. He speaks fluent C#, Net, React, JavaScript, Python, PHP and SQL. As a software engineer, he specialises in world language technology. And he has ten years of experience in that area. A man made for Apostroph, where the demand for extremely efficient language technology has always been high.

Arben Sabani, you are constantly dealing with connectors, interfaces, add-ons, automation. Could you translate that for us?

Rendez-vous with Arben Sabani

Well, maybe you could translate it like this: What I do should make the lives of our customers and employees as easy as possible. To make that happen, I develop the appropriate software and make the interaction between Apostroph and our customers as uncomplicated and clear as possible. Orders from Apostroph customers should be easy to place and clearly traceable at all times. Our goal is to automate all order processing and communication, preferably in the companies’ IT environment. What we call connectors link the customer platforms with Apostroph. And if interfaces aren’t available, we develop them.

We are constantly working on optimising our processes with suitable software and workflows – making us more efficient and faster. The efficiency has a positive effect on the costs and the quality – and that of course is beneficial for our customers. But I don’t just spend my time programming: I like advising our clients on their multilingual projects and finding the best solutions with them.

Apostroph aims to realise tailor-made solutions for its corporate clients. Isn’t it sometimes tiresome to have to meet every need?

On the contrary – all I can say is: challenging customer needs are always welcome! The more complex the projects, the greater the fun and incentive. I love challenges. You grow with them, learn and improve.

“The more complex, the better!”

How has language technology changed over recent years?

The most important innovation is without doubt the use of artificial intelligence. Machine translation on the basis of AI is becoming increasingly important. It results in fascinating new possibilities which we at Apostroph are already successfully implementing in customer projects. I can see that people are concerned that machines could well replace humans at some point. But I don’t think there is any need to worry about that. It still takes real people with a feeling for language to check the texts translated by machines to ensure that the quality and style are right. And there is still a need for software specialists like me who can design and further develop such systems.

You have been part of the set-up here since the summer of 2020. One year at Apostroph – how has it been?

Absolutely brilliant! I love the culture here. The people, the cohesion, people’s trust in one another. The people know they can rely on each other, that they have space for their own ideas. Ideas that others will listen to, will take into consideration. It is fantastic what we have been able to realise in just a year. And I can see that it is going to continue in an exciting way.

Professionally speaking, did you always know you would end up in IT?

I was always interested in computers and the digital world. For me it is far more than just a job. It is my great passion. And it all started with my first programmable calculator. Later, I actually put my first PC together.

Do you get the chance to escape the virtual world when you go home in the evening?

Yes and no. At home, my children keep me on my toes and I just love spending time with the family. Otherwise, I spend my free time watching documentaries on Netflix or going for long, extended walks. But I find all aspects of programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence absolutely fascinating and they never really let me go.

Achieving goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    We work with single points of contact. As a result, you will be looked after by a highly experienced contact person who takes your needs into account and keeps you up to date at all times.
  • We speak your language

    Depending on the project, we put together specific teams of internal and external experts who are well versed in your corporate language.
  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that man and machine are in harmony in an intelligent way.