ISO 17100 recertification
& new ISO 18587 certification

This week found Apostroph Switzerland not only successfully completing its ISO 17100 recertification audit, but also setting a new milestone by achieving ISO 18587 certification. Our congratulations to the whole team on this fantastic result.

ISO 17100 recertification and ISO 18587 certification

ISO 17100

ISO 17100, an international quality standard for translation services, provides a set of objective criteria against which an LSP’s translation quality assurance is assessed. This involves examining how the processes are performed, the minimum qualification requirements, the availability and deployment of resources, and the activities required to provide a high-quality translation service. The standard also defines the competencies and qualifications demanded of translators and proofreaders.

Apostroph Karin Heinzer-Achermann
«Apostroph Switzerland is one of only a few LSPs in the whole of Europe to possess four major ISO certifications. In my role as Quality Manager, I am proud at the commitment of our teams to uphold our duty of care on a daily basis.»
Karin Heinzer-Achermann · Chief Operating Officer

ISO 18587: post-editing by qualified professionals

Post-editing involves checking and revising machine-translated text. ISO 18587 follows on from ISO 17100 by ensuring that post-editing follows the same strict processes as human translation. For instance, this calls for the deployment of persons with a translation qualification and further training in post-editing. The standard also defines the services included in light post-editing and full post-editing.

What this means for our clients

The specifications outlined above mean that you can be sure that the professionals we use possess relevant competencies and training qualifications. ISO 17100 also confirms the four-eyes principle, i.e. that translations are checked by a second professional.

The post-editing service, a relative newcomer to the market, is defined under ISO 18587, so that you know what to expect from us. Our pioneering role is reflected in our endeavours and in our institution of an in-house competence centre featuring regular further training interventions.

Quality as priority argument 

“Ever since the Apostroph Group was founded, senior management has positioned quality as the priority argument for successful cooperation. It means that the company’s staff implement the ISO certifications with the requisite care. At the same time, we keep policy under constant review and consider which standards and certifications offer tangible added value for our clients. Apostroph Switzerland is one of only a few LSPs in the whole of Europe to possess four major ISO certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 17100, ISO 18587. In my role as Quality Manager, I am proud at the commitment of our teams to uphold our duty of care on a daily basis.”

Karin Heinzer Chief Operating Officer

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Achieving goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    We work with single points of contact. As a result, you will be looked after by a highly experienced contact person who takes your needs into account and keeps you up to date at all times.
  • A spirit of partnership

    We have long-standing partnerships with many of our clients. In addition to quality, they appreciate our values such as reliability, transparency and fairness.
  • Certified security

    Both our information security and our quality management are ISO certified, which guarantees secure processes.