For the translation of regulatory affairs MSD trusts the Apostroph brand

MSD is a global biopharmaceutical corporation that conducts intensive research to save and improve lives. The company, which employs around 1,000 people in Switzerland alone, has a long-standing partnership with us. MSD values our expertise and experience as a language service provider in general and as a translation professional in regulatory affairs in particular.

In safe hands: regulatory affairs at MSD

The translation of MSD authorisation documents is entrusted to professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the subject and are familiar with the requirements of Swissmedic, the EMA and the FDA. To ensure linguistic consistency, they work with Trados CAT tools and use translation memories hosted by Apostroph. The final step is comparative proofreading, which checks the completeness and accuracy of the translation in accordance with the ISO 17100 quality standard. Before delivery is made to MSD, however, our project management team completes the pharmaceutical company’s “Translation Review Checklist”, thus ensuring the customer’s internal quality process.

A science in itself: the translation of scientific content

Our catalogue of tasks at MSD includes approval certificates, letters with medical content, specialist information and scientific studies, where individual texts have to be notarised. It goes without saying that assignments of this kind place high demands on our language professionals in terms of content and terminology. However, as they are trained in the pharmaceutical or medical sectors and thus possess the requisite expertise, MSD is always in good hands with Apostroph.

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Apostroph with international links to MSD

The pharmaceutical company uses a global platform solution to organise language management uniformly in all countries. Apostroph joined this project a few years ago. Now, offer requests, order placement and reporting options take place directly on this platform. Translation assets can also be exchanged directly and in an optimised manner via the system.

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Some of the services Apostroph provides for MSD:

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