Translating annual reports:
how to find the right language service provider

The annual report season is fast approaching, and with it the question as to who will do the translations. There are plenty of providers, but which is the right LSP for your company? It pays to do your homework before choosing – after all, it’s a key moment in your company’s year.

The right language service provider …


… adopts your priorities

A good annual report these days contains more than just the numbers: it actively burnishes the external perception of a company. You want to inspire your stakeholders, something that happens only if the translation team knows exactly what it takes and how important this project is for you. Choose an LSP that adopts your priorities. You can tell it does if it offers you sound, tailored advice from the word go.


… demonstrates relevant experience

Processes and organisation, regulations such as Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, US GAAP and IPSAS, specialist knowledge and terminology: annual reports are nothing if not demanding. Ask your LSP for reference projects, so you can be sure it will uphold the highest quality standards – even under time pressure with last-minute changes.


… deploys specialist teams

Translating annual reports requires both linguistic excellence and expertise. A professional language service provider brings into play qualified specialists experienced in translating financial and marketing texts. They’ll help you deliver the report you deserve.


… deploys state-of-the-art technology

Preparing an annual report requires a combination of expertise and modern tools. Check whether your LSP offers an online portal for rapid, convenient order fulfilment. The portal should be able to provide direct interfaces between the editing tool and MS Word, thus cutting out tedious and error-prone copying and pasting. It acts as a conduit for instantly converting text elements into a translation task. Other technologies utilised to maintain efficiency and rigour include digital translation memories, termbases and glossaries. Why not contact us for advice?


  1. … is prudent with your data

Owing to their potentially damaging consequences, data leaks are the last thing you want. Choose a language service provider that’s used to handling sensitive data and has appropriate data protection measures in place. Our information security management system (ISMS) is certified to ISO 27001, and the myAPOSTROPH client portal features SSL encryption. Your data’s safe in our hands.


offers you more

Does it only offer translation? Or would you like your LSP to provide other services? Apostroph also deploys interpreters (such as for shareholders’ meetings) as well as editing, proofreading, copywriting and desktop publishing teams. Sourcing everything from a single vendor saves time and effort and ensures consistency.


… is there for you personally

All-embracing, important tasks such as annual reports benefit greatly from well-functioning interfaces and communication channels. See that your LSP assigns a point person to you as project manager with the job of keeping track of everything and answering all your questions.

When choosing a new language service provider, you might consider having a test translation done to get an idea of the quality, expertise and style. This will also give you a feel for what the LSP is like to work with, the quality of its advice and the kind of support you can expect.

PDF specialist translations

Download our PDF and draw up a list of criteria based on the background information and advice we provide.

Follow this link to find out how working on your multilingual annual reports could leave you feeling relaxed and in safe hands: 5+ success factors at the planning stage

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