SEO-compliant with sunnyboy!

According to the German dictionary Duden, a sonny boy is a young man who radiates charm and a carefree cheerfulness. He has no trouble making people like him.

Due to the association of a sunny disposition with the English word sun, you might be forgiven for thinking the word has a u: “sunnyboy.” But that is in fact where you would be wrong. “Sonny boy” (two words) is an affectionate combination of son and boy. Roughly translated it would mean “my little son.”

But the incorrect spelling “sunnyboy” is typed into search engines far more frequently. Only around a quarter of searches are spelled correctly. Whereas in German, you would write it as one word, it is written separately in English: “He’s my sonny boy.”

Apostroph Group, translation experts, not only check the spelling but, if desired, see whether it is SEO-compliant.

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