Michelle continues her journey in Nairobi

Maybe you’ve been following our reports on Michelle over the past few years. Then you’ll know that we are delighted to be financing the young Kenyan’s school education under the auspices of Aiducation International Switzerland.

Michelle grew up in a family with four younger brothers in the Mombasa region. Michelle’s curiosity and desire to learn were obvious at an early age. By the time she completed primary school, she had made it into the top 2% of the best-performing students in her year group. However, her parents could not afford the school fees for secondary education.

But thanks to the scholarship, Michelle was able to continue on her path. She is now in the third grade of secondary school. Last year’s highlight was participating in the “Realizing Your Potential Academy” in Nairobi – a week of inspiration for Michelle. Pupils met with educators to exchange knowledge and experiences, discussed their own contribution to a better Kenya and developed project ideas. It showed that Michelle, the 17-year-old girl from the country, has matured. As with all young people of her age, her view of the world has changed. She has decided not to become a journalist after all because there is something else which is much more important to her today: the health of her compatriots. She wants to be a doctor. The painful loss of her aunt may well have contributed to this. “She died of an illness far too early and without medical attention,” says Michelle. If her dreams don’t come true, it won’t be on account of her school grades: Michelle’s very much on track. In English and mathematics her last school report showed a “very good” and an “excellent” in history. Congratulations!

Kenya has also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The country remains in lockdown. Schools have been closed since mid-March. Pupils are at home or in a school hostel. Homeschooling or online lessons are out of the question due to a lack of digital equipment and the fact that many parents are not capable of helping their children as they didn’t attend secondary school themselves. Those with older siblings count themselves lucky – as they have someone to help them work on the school material. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to Michelle. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she will still manage to achieve her learning goals and send her our best wishes to Nairobi!

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