“It is definitely worth companies investing in first-class language quality in their corporate reporting!”

Philipp Meier, CEO of Apostroph Group, discusses the importance of language in annual reports, the challenge of multilingual reporting and the benefits of technology in annual report management.

Philipp Meier, Apostroph Group CEO

What is the significance of language in an annual report?

It is a core discipline. With good reason, the panel of experts of the Swiss Annual Report Ratings evaluates it as such in its assessment. No other corporate publishing tool has greater credibility with stakeholders. Without good language, this cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the annual report has the task of reflecting the identity of the company – in recognisable corporate language. So for companies, it is therefore worthwhile investing in first-class, multilingual language quality in their corporate reporting as well.

A multilingual annual report is associated with high costs, so what justifies it?

Hardly any company communicates in only one language in day-to-day business, so reporting is also aimed at a multilingual audience. In addition to the regulatory key figures, the latter expects a comprehensive picture of the company. I think it is in the company’s interest to address a large multilingual audience with the annual report and to inspire broad interest groups with good content. In Switzerland, we know the value of multilingualism – both culturally and economically. I would therefore not talk about expenditure, but rather about a communication opportunity that companies should definitely take advantage of.


What does it take to provide a multilingual annual report?

Two things in particular: high-quality text and text design and intelligent technology that ensures short, efficient ways of creating the versions in different languages. The entire process must be consistent with the company’s needs and communication environment and clearly defined.

How does Apostroph ensure efficient processes?

We rely on automated processes. Our apoCONNECTORS are intelligent interfaces. For instance, we connect the company’s editorial or content management system directly to our translation platform. We offer many IT solutions – not just one. All of them meet three requirements: they ensure easy communication and fast project processing, and quality control and data security functions are integral parts of the whole process. The annual report phase is usually intense for companies’ corporate communication teams. We want the company to be able to concentrate fully on the content. We take care of every aspect of translation management from start to finish, without time being wasted on handling different versions. The following applies to both linguistic quality and connectivity: nothing is possible where both the print and online versions are concerned without specialist teams familiar with the topic of corporate reporting. Digital annual reports are gaining ground. The fact that companies are increasingly focusing on the online version is not only due to the associated costs. A digital annual report opens the door to new target groups and meets varied information needs.

What makes a good online version?

Usability is king; content must be experienceable and usable. Our language professionals could compile a whole list of web, text design and linguistic prerequisites for successful digital publishing here. I would make two recommendations. First: always keep in mind that users are open to a wide range of content where the web version is concerned. It is therefore important to tell the story of the financial year using multimedia and from different perspectives. With meaningful yet lively value reporting and web and text design. Digital storytelling is also an opportunity to strengthen the brand and improve its reputation. Second: choose a well-balanced online presentation consisting of informative and emotional elements. Specifically: connect financial reporting as an interactive experience with the human element of the company and the special moments of the financial year in a way that is both creative and informative. It is also clear when surfing the web that the jewel in the crown of corporate publishing is and will remain the annual report.


Let’s talk about how we can best implement your annual report in all required language versions.

Together we will find the best solution. It’s a promise!
Nadia Gaille
Head of Customer Success
Apostroph Team Nadia Gaille

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