The Loterie Romande has been betting on and playing and winning with Apostroph since 2013

The Loterie Romande offers lottery games and betting on sporting events in the six “cantons romands” in western Switzerland. Committed to player protection, it distributes all its profit among public welfare associations in the fields of social action, culture and sport.

We express in words the excitement of games and the discipline of a responsible and committed company

The Loterie Romande, a non-profit company, has entrusted the technical translations of its media and legal texts to Apostroph since 2013.

  • Appealing communication: we make our translations flow with a style that defines the quality of the website, newsletters, articles and press releases.
  • We combine discipline with fun: we translate the rules of the game and the playing instructions.
  • Legal and financial expertise: we translate legal texts and annual reports for a customer that takes its social responsibility extremely seriously.
  • In step with the latest techniques: we translate the content of mobile apps.
  • Always at the cutting edge of innovation: we manage all file formats, facilitate exchange through interfaces that are as efficient as they are user-friendly and meet the specific needs of the Loterie Romande through the efficiency of our computer-aided tools.

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Translating for the Loterie Romande means applying versatile and efficient expertise

As a language service provider working with Loterie Romande, we need a good command of the gaming and betting language and how to write the rules, legal texts and express the company’s social responsibility. It involves translating an impeccable financial report with pertinence and the brief, punchy content of an innovative app. It means guaranteeing project management based on excellence, receptiveness and responsiveness.

An overview of the services provided to Loterie Romande by Apostroph:

  • Technical translations and transcreations in the legal, marketing and financial fields
  • Translation of regulatory and legal texts: annual reports (business reviews and financial reports), gaming rules and gaming guides
  • Translation of communication media: newsletters, web content, press releases

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