Terminology management – organisation as an opportunity

There’s real value in keeping things organised and in order. Everyone knows that it’s much easier to find the perfect top to go with your trousers in the morning if you keep your wardrobe nice and tidy. But what does that have to do with terminology management? More than you might think! Solid terminology management boils down to bringing order and clarity to the language your company uses, which is also known as your corporate language. OK, there’s a bit more to it than that. Let us put it straight for you...

Terminology management: technical terms, glossaries and more

Imagine everyone at your company is looking for a rabbit but they’re all calling it a hare.

Chances are that Mrs A in Product Development in Bern is asking the same question as Ms B in Sales in Geneva and Mr C in Marketing in Bergamo. What word do we use for this product, service or technical term in our company? How do we abbreviate this word and that word? Is what I’ve written in keeping with the laws and regulations that apply here? This is when people start doing their research internally. Confusion about which words to use wastes time. Duplication of work costs money. Introducing a smart terminology management system for all your internal teams, sites and languages is a smart move that will make communication more effective across your company. Translations can be taken care of more efficiently, while publications end up being more accurate and on brand.

Terminology management made for your company

Every company has its own set words and terms it uses. That terminology depends on the target groups and the corporate language.

  • You don’t have any corporate terminology in place yet?
    Not to worry. We use recognition and extraction tools to scan for the words used by your company – on your website, in your business reports and in your other publications. How does that work? We save the words that come up again and again in your texts. Our linguists and terminology managers check and revise them, adding to the list where necessary. And then we work with you to set your terminology, adding context, extra information and translations into other languages. We highlight any terms you most definitely do not want to use. The result is a dynamic and user-friendly terminology database.
  • You already have your terminology collated in glossaries?That’s great. We can integrate those into our processes so we can work with you without any hiccups. You can rely on us to keep building on and optimising your terminology database. We’ll work with you to make sure it's always perfectly up to date. No need to worry about work being duplicated again!
  • You want to take your corporate language global?
    That’s what we like to hear! When you’re operating globally, staying on top of your terminology can give you the edge over your competitors. You can record legal and official requirements applicable in different countries alongside technical terms and standards in different languages, so they're all ready when you need them. Last but not least, a multilingual database of technical terms and internal words contains the idiosyncrasies of different countries and regions (localisation).

The memory effect for consistent corporate language in all languages

Every time you create content or have a text translated by Apostroph, your corporate language will be refined and your image will be improved. How come? As you build up your repository of text resources, more inconsistencies can be picked up and alternatives suggested. Every time that happens, your corporate language is streamlined for success. Not to mention that the process for writing, translation and quality assurance will become faster and cheaper for you.

Wishing you could snap your fingers and your terminology would all be sorted for you?

You can leave it with us! We’ll bring structure to your terminology management so that it all works just the way you like it. Our tools are tried and tested – just like the quality assurance processes at the heart of our work to maintain and optimise your corporate language consistently across your entire company. You have so much to gain. Let’s talk about it. 

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