Search engine optimisation – you have a lot to gain!

Search engines are like filters: irrelevant items are filtered out. The emphasis is placed on content that reproduces what users are looking for in the endless expanses of the Internet as precisely as possible. What is known as a crawler that prepares link rankings of relevant websites by indexing them. Whether a website appears on the winner’s podium or in the middle of nowhere in the indexed rankings depends essentially on two factors: functioning technology and above all content, i.e. professional SEO texts.

SEO texts

What are the benefits of SEO texts?

  • A better ranking position in the long term
    Search engine optimisation as part of digital marketing pushes websites up the rankings, where they receive the highest attention. Of course, you could also spend money on ads (SEA), where you pay for every click (CPC, cost-per-click). As soon as your ad expires, however, Google & Co. will unfortunately not direct any more users to your website. SEO-compliant websites and blogs, on the other hand, bring long-term traffic. Tailor-made keywords according to the latest standards improve the ranking position.
  • Reach relevant users
    You don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry to visit your website – you want to reach your specific target groups. To that end, you need keywords that focus on your desired user group. Good SEO texts contain not only the common keywords that all your competitors also use, but also smart terms that target tailored traffic in the thematic environment of your business model.


  • SEO texts without wastage
    Let’s assume you launch a poster campaign or tram advertising. The effect: many people see your advertising. Your range is enormous, but only a small percentage feels addressed because the content is not relevant to everyone else. You can achieve the opposite with good SEO texts: you bring together the right customers with the desired providers on SEO-optimised websites.

A summary of our SEO tips for you

Shining lights on the web – Apostroph’s SEO guidelines will help your website shoot up the rankings

SEO text is effective, provided it meets current requirements

Google & Co. should love your content and put your website on the podium. However, what does the search engine love? Answer: not what it loved in 2005. You’re bound to be familiar with this scenario: website texts in which the same keyword is repeated indefinitely. The good news is that these keyword-stuffed texts that Google once rewarded are now punished in the form of bad rankings.

Today, Google loves user-friendliness and user experience! In other words: in addition to a high loading speed, the search engine rewards

  • the good readability of texts instead of high keyword density,
  • high text quality and informative content as well as
  • a clear text and page structure.

In a nutshell: users should have the best possible experience on websites and blogs. This is exactly what the crawler rewards with a high ranking.

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