Ruminations on National Failure Day

The world is marking National Failure Day on 15 August.

Ruminations on National Failure Day

It’s assumed that we learn from past mistakes, but in the world of translation, they lead to misunderstandings rather than greater knowledge. Take idioms, for example: speakers of other languages scratch their heads when we say it’s enough to make anyone quake in their boots; it’s also no good looking for a cocktail when you’re behind bars.

People also look askance at us when we say we keep our ears to the ground or we surpass ourselves. And if we then talk about someone making heavy weather of something when they're as light as a feather, people could be forgiven for thinking we have bats in the belfry.

To avoid getting into hot water, Apostroph Group employs only native speakers who are familiar with the transcreation process. In this way, our English professionals never become foxdevilswild, but at best hopping mad, and our French translators never put their foot in their mouth, but rather ne mettent jamais les pieds dans le plat. And because at Apostroph all good things come in 48s (!) we pull out all the stops in all other languages as well. 

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