The Apostroph Group – setting its sights on the future

The Apostroph Group, the leading language services provider in the DACH region, is repositioning itself. Following their successful merger in 2017, Apostroph Switzerland and Apostroph Germany – the latter comprising Wieners+Wieners and medDOC – are uniting their nine office locations in Switzerland and Germany under the Apostroph Group umbrella brand. This heralds the emergence of a new leader in the German-speaking translation market.

Philipp Meier becomes Group CEO of the corporate group.

The consolidation also signals a realignment in the ranks of the senior management: Philipp Meier, who has held the post of CEO of Apostroph Switzerland for 10 years, becomes Group CEO of the corporate group. Reporting to him is Ulrich Barnewitz, CEO of Apostroph Germany (Wieners+Wieners, medDOC).

The nine office locations in Switzerland and Germany will henceforth present a common appearance under the Apostroph Group umbrella brand. This move towards a uniform corporate image under the Apostroph quality label is not just skin deep, says Philipp Meier. “Going forward, we will be sharing a brand with a strong reputation. More than that, though, the move will find us increasingly bringing together our knowledge, skills and experience – in translation, in all other linguistic disciplines and in the deployment of innovative language and process technology.” The joint umbrella brand presence will be completed across all the office locations (Ahrensburg, Berlin, Bern, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Lausanne, Lucerne, Munich and Zurich) by the end of 2022.

Cornerstone technology throughout the group

The group, which has experienced strong growth in the recent past, leverages innovative language technology to complement the expertise of its language teams. Experience in this area is a significant element in the quality and efficiency of Apostroph’s language offer. “This competence will be deployed equally across all our locations going forward”, says Philipp Meier. Other synergy effects would arise in process technology. “In this respect, we offer our business clients marked advantages with bespoke applications that we develop ourselves. Custom interfaces to clients’ IT systems accelerate the processes significantly and ensure the highest standard of data security. We will now make even greater use of this competitive advantage throughout the company. The Apostroph Group will continue to drive digitalisation in every area of its business, creative services of Wieners+Wieners are guaranteed a core role. This will ensure that the language service offering remains on a par with growing client needs into the future.”

The focus remains on leading advertising agencies and major corporations as well as discerning small and medium-sized clients, which receive the highest standard of quality featuring culturally sensitive localisation strategies and transcreation, i.e. the adaptation of creative campaign ideas to new target markets.

The Apostroph Group is also increasingly expanding its cross-border industry focus on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals as well as insurance and finance. Consistent investments in technological transformation have contributed to boosting client retention and the growth of the Apostroph Group in recent years.

Artificial intelligence meets human creativity

The merger of a specialist in creative translations with a technology expert is both a conscious decision and a clear strategic statement. The coming together of the two companies creates clear added value for their clients in the fragmented language services market and forms the basis for further dynamic growth of the strong and diversified platform.

Going forward, we will not only share a brand with a strong reputation, but also systematically bring together our knowledge, skills and experience. We combine technology with linguistic intelligence for the benefit of our clients.
Philipp Meier, Group CEO

Apostroph will continue to leverage new technologies and combine them with a strong appreciation for the “human factor” in order to achieve high levels of client satisfaction through service excellence and quality results, coupled with internalised diversity as a core organisational value and personal development opportunities for all employees.


Philipp Meier was appointed Group CEO of the Apostroph Group, consisting of the Apostroph, medDOC and Wieners+Wieners brands, on 1 July 2021. He was recruited to the post of CEO of Apostroph in Switzerland in 2010 and became a partner in the group in 2017. The business economist and certified digital transformation expert previously worked in the information technology, software development and banking sectors in Frankfurt am Main, New York, London, Paris and Switzerland.

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