Karin Heinzer-Achermann appointed Chief Operating Officer at Apostroph in Switzerland

Apostroph Switzerland transferred the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) to Karin Heinzer-Achermann effective 1 May 2021. As an experienced specialist in digital processes, she now heads the operational business at the Swiss language service provider and is taking on an expanded range of responsibilities.

Karin Heinzer-Achermann appointed Chief Operating Officer at Apostroph in Switzerland

Karin Heinzer-Achermann joined the Apostroph Group in 2009 – first as Head of Operations and later as Group Head of Operations and Deputy Managing Director Switzerland. At the time, Apostroph had just one office in Lucerne. Since then, though, the language services company has witnessed rapid growth and now has four offices in Switzerland.

One of the driving forces behind this success story is Karin Heinzer-Achermann. Since 2011 she has supervised the operational aspects of Apostroph’s buy-and-build strategy, overseen the integration of new subsidiaries in Switzerland under the Apostroph umbrella, and helped drive the company’s push into digitisation. It was on her watch ten years ago that myAPOSTROPH was created, the encrypted online portal used by Apostroph clients to place orders and manage and rate their assignments. Simplicity and minimalism were her watchwords throughout this process.

Karin Heinzer-Achermann has always been keen on innovative digital solutions capable of moving companies and people forward. She acquired her extensive know-how of interfaces and IT in her role as CRM manager at a Swiss beverage producer, since when she has pursued continuous professional development to remain current. One illustration of this are her postgraduate studies in Leadership and Management HF, which have further strengthened her broad leadership skills.

The senior management team’s areas of responsibility are growing in tandem with Apostroph Switzerland’s growth, which is why Karin Heinzer-Achermann’s duties as COO are being restructured. She is assuming responsibility for work processes, the IT infrastructure, digitisation, quality assurance and certification. As a result, all the operational areas of the company are coming under one umbrella, playing a leading role when it comes to recruitment going forward and thus setting the course for Apostroph’s further success.

As the company’s COO, Karin Heinzer-Achermann will also remain involved in the day-to-day business, participating actively in project groups and acting as a key interface with the management team.

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