Apostroph Switzerland acquires Marco Gehring Communications SA

Apostroph Switzerland has acquired Marco Gehring Communications SA, effective 15 December 2021. This acquisition sees Apostroph further expanding its leading position in the highly competitive market for high-quality language services.

«Our entry into Ticino and Italian-speaking Switzerland is a further important milestone on the group’s expansion journey,» says Philipp Meier, Managing Partner and Group CEO of Apostroph. Founded more than 25 years ago in Lucerne, the original company that lent its name to the group also has five offices in Germany. The latest move sees it building on its position in the language services market and strengthening its regional presence.

Apostroph in Ticino

In-house language team strengthened and skill sets expanded

The acquisition also finds Apostroph extending its client base to include numerous Swiss SMEs and a wide range of renowned industry giants, ranging from retailers to global conglomerates. By adding the eight linguists at the Mendrisio office to its in-house language team, Apostroph Switzerland is further strengthening internal capacities and expanding skill sets, especially in Italian. «Looking to the future, it is important for us to transition from linguistic artisan to modern language solution provider. These days, we need to be able to combine both philosophies if we are to meet the heterogeneous needs of our clients,» says Marco Gehring.

The clients of both companies will benefit from the acquisition in the form of enhanced linguistic expertise, improved capacity, new services and the expansion of proprietary technologies and software systems. One thing will remain the same, however: «Our clients – those of Apostroph and Marco Gehring Communications SA – will continue to be served by the project managers with whom they are already familiar. Marco Gehring will also remain part of the team and continue to attend to his clients personally. That is something we are keen to emphasise,» says Philipp Meier.

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