How to keep cool in a heatwave

We are really grateful that so many of the Apostroph buildings have air conditioning to keep things nice and cool. But our office here in Zurich is up on the top floor and the air conditioning just doesn’t have anywhere near enough power to cover the whole space. Safe to say that we’ve had to come up with some tips and tricks to help us cope with the heat. Here’s our list of things you can try...

Alter your diet

It’s unlikely that you're going to want to tuck into a bowl of hot soup on a warm summer’s day. Best to avoid greasy and spicy food too when the weather is already making you sweat. Light bites are your friend at this time of year and you should try to eat lots of water-rich foods to help you stay hydrated. Think of salads, watermelon, cucumber, fish and lean meat as your summer staples.

Rely on science

Whilst an air-conditioned office may be amazing during the day, you still have to face the heat when you get back home. And it’s even worse if your bedroom is upstairs. Unbearable heat can easily stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. No matter how many light salads you eat. Does anyone remember why we are so desperate for summer to come around again every year? We must just block all the itchy mosquito bites from our memory... One thing you can do to get a bit of sleep, though, is hang a damp sheet in front of your open window. The moisture will cool down the air as it passes through.


Eliminate heat sources

Whether you’re at home or in an office, chances are that at least one thing will have been left on unnecessarily. All those devices you aren’t even using chuck out extra heat that you can do without on a hot day. So switch that printer off and turn the lights out now! Unplug plugs if you can and shut down devices properly. Did you know that they still drain electricity and generate heat when they’re on standby?


Wear loose clothing

If you’re working from home, you’re free to wear whatever you like. But what about if you’re stuck in an office and have a strict dress code to follow? Try to be kind to yourself and wear loose-fitting clothing in light colours. Linen is your best option and make sure you steer clear of synthetic materials. They seem to smell awful from the second you start to sweat. Just thinking about woolly socks, proper shoes and dark clothing is enough to make us break out in a sweat right now.


Cool your pulse points

When you’ve been concentrating on a translation or proofreading project for a while, you might be tempted to jump into the shower to clear your head. Just make sure you don’t have the water set too cold even though it’s hot outside. Your body will try to respond to the cold water by regulating your temperature and you’ll end up feeling warmer. A lukewarm shower is definitely the way to go. By all means cool yourself down throughout the day by sprinkling cold water over your feet and wrists. How refreshing!

Rearrange your day

How lucky are we that our work can be so flexible? You may want to think about rearranging your day to accommodate the heat. Why not deliver your translations in the morning before the heat gets too unbearable? You may even be able to squeeze in a lunchtime dip if you’re lucky enough to live near a lido. If not, maybe you can dig out the old paddling pool for the afternoon.

We’d love to hear your top tips for keeping cool during a heatwave. Please send an e-mail to Wishing you all a lovely summer!