What does our dream linguist look like?

We’re going to go all Frankenstein on you in this blog post and piece together our dream linguist. Wait, we are definitely not saying that our freelancers are monsters! Promise! As you know, we depend on you all here at the Apostroph Group. But that got your attention, right? Good, mission accomplished! Now, let's take a look at what we love about our favourite translators...

Questions about questions

When projects come with a lot of input and information, we understand that there’s bound to be questions. Our dream linguist would think carefully about their queries, collate them and send them in before delivering their translation. Basically, we’d like to think that you’ll have exhausted Google or consulted the client's website before sending a query our way.

It may be that you aren’t sure about the specific terminology used by the client. In that case, you may well find the answer you’re looking for in the request email or on myFREELANCE. Make sure you have another quick look there to double check. Perhaps you’ve found an ambiguous sentence or an error in the source text? Our project managers would be so grateful if you could identify exactly which bit of the text your query relates to when you flag it up to them.

If you’re not yet confident about using our myFREELANCE portal, have a read of the instructions in the Knowledge Portal or watch the tutorials. So no worries if you’re not sure how to accept a project, connect to the Studio server or create an invoice – we’ve got you covered. Too many questions to handle? Sometimes it’s easier to just pick up the telephone. Our project managers just so happen to be super friendly as well as highly efficient and brilliant at their jobs.

Time for time management

You know we’ll be impressed if you deliver your projects perfectly on time every time. It shows that we can rely on you fully and relax safe in the knowledge that you won’t let us down whenever we work with you. This is real dream linguist material! We don’t like having to worry about a file being missing or a project turning up three hours after the deadline every other time we work with you. It stresses out our project managers, who don’t want to keep their clients waiting for their translation, subtitling or proofread text.

Partnering up and feeding back

You’ll be pleased to hear that we place great value on working with you as partners. We don’t just send out bulk emails to a bunch of anonymous freelancers and make you fight for each and every project that comes your way. If we send you a request, you can be certain that we have carefully selected you for the job based on your expertise. And it’s obviously just a big bonus for us if you can accept in a matter of minutes.

Got some feedback for us? Bring it on! Maybe you’ve got an idea for a workshop. Or you can think of some information that should be available on the portal or a topic that we should cover in the Language Lounge. Or maybe you’ve got suggestions to help us improve in any way. Believe us when we say that we welcome all feedback. In fact, we need constructive feedback to keep learning and evolving to become the very best language service provider for you and our clients. And you’ll make us very happy if you take our suggestions on board too, of course.

Up to date with the latest

Do you use gender-inclusive language, catch up with news from the translation industry on Slator and always have your next bit of CPD lined up like our dream linguist? We love to know that you’re staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry and networking with fellow freelancers.

Keeping up with the times also requires you to have an open mind. It makes our lives easier and your work more exciting if you are willing to add to your list of services and try new things. How about getting into copywriting, subtitling or post-editing? Obviously, we would never want to force you to do something you don’t want to do. But being able to share as many of our varied and interesting projects with you as possible makes us do a little happy dance.

Now that we’ve told you all about our dream linguist, we’d love to hear about your dream client. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Achieving goals together

  • A reliable partner

    It’s very easy to process jobs in our portal myFREELANCE and you can look forward to punctual, monthly payments.
  • Your link to Apostroph

    With Apostroph, you will have personal contact with our project management employees. They will answer your questions and help you process your orders.
  • The Apostroph community

    A lively exchange, exciting and entertaining contributions in the Language Lounge and continuing education opportunities are what make our community what it is.