High-quality translations with a single click

It marks a huge step forward: the seamless integration of the editing tool ns.publish and the professional technical translation services provided by the Apostroph Group.

It was developed in partnership between Apostroph and the Neidhart + Schön Group. Once the finished text – for example an annual report – is ready in the source language, a professional translation can be ordered from the Apostroph Group immediately by clicking on the "Start translation" button. This fully automated interface generates the translation order and sends it directly to the Apostroph server using SSL encryption. Here, the Project Manager checks the files delivered by the system. Then the texts are translated and checked by qualified language professionals in accordance with EN 15038. Finally, the translation is sent back to the editing tool ns.publish automatically - texts can be sent to the tool with a single click. Naturally, the process also allows for any changes to the text or follow-up translations. 


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